Mild steel lettering

A cost-effective solution

Mild steel lettering is something a little different, something most other suppliers can’t offer. This type of metal lettering is very popular with customers who need a lettering product which can be welded onto steel structures. We sell lots of mild steel lettering to people manufacturing gates and railings for this reason.

As discussed on here we know that bare aluminium lettering cannot be used unless it is painted. This got us thinking if aluminium needs to be painted anyway wouldn’t it be more cost-effective to use mild steel lettering as the base metal?

mild steel letters in an old english typestyle
Mild steel letters in an old English typestyle

These are 3mm thick mild steel letters cut in an old English typeface. At less than 100mm high you can see how accurate and precise our water jet system is.

Good quality aluminium sheet costs quite a lot of money which affects the price of aluminium lettering.

Mild steel, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper which makes mild steel lettering a lot more cost-effective when thicker gauges are called for.


Surprisingly there are fewer drawbacks to using mild steel lettering than you would at first think. The most obvious drawback to mild steel lettering is rusting. Unlike aluminium, mild steel is ferrous, this means it will rust. However, as both mild steel and aluminium lettering need to be painted before use this potential drawback can be greatly reduced.

painted mild steel lettering
Painted mild steel lettering

We now offer a dedicated spray finishing service for mild steel and other metal lettering products.

The benefits

As we know, mild steel is cheaper than aluminium so there is a cost-saving straight away.

steel lettering photograph
Steel lettering photograph

Mild steel letters and shapes can we welded easily using standard MIG or TIG processes. We supply lots of mild steel letters which are welded onto structures such as gates and railings. For this type of application mild steel is the ideal material.

Mild steel lettering is an extra option if you are looking for an alternative to aluminium

Other items you can buy

With our in house water jet system available to you, there is no reason why you cannot have a whole manner of metal parts and components, all made to your design and all easy to weld together or powder coat.

  • Base plates for sign brackets
  • Metal cover plates
  • Architectural screens and decorative panels
  • Connector plates and reinforcing struts

If you have a need for parts cut out of mild steel we can take your computer files and cut out exactly what you need.

Mild steel lettering is another option in your armoury allowing you more ways to satisfy your customers.