Painted aluminium letters

All types of painted aluminium letters can be manufactured and spray finished using RAL, Pantone or special effect paints. Unlike most suppliers of metal sign and display products we carry out every single part of the production process in-house.

painted aluminium letters
Painted aluminium letters

Painted aluminium letters are part of this total in-house philosophy, any project you need will be precision cut using our in-house abrasive water jet machinery and then spray finished in our dedicated paint shop.

Whether you need painted aluminium letters, panels or logo shapes you can buy a complete, ready to install solution in one easy process.

Flat cuts

Painted aluminium letters are ideal for all kinds of flat cutwork. Whether you want standard 2 or 3mm thick aluminium letters or perhaps you are looking for 10mm thick or greater you can have exactly what you want.

Due to the way your aluminium letters are manufactured we can offer you a range of thicknesses which laser-based suppliers simply can’t match.

painted aluminium lettering
Painted aluminium lettering

Once machined each aluminium letter is carefully prepared using industrial etching primers. This type of primer is essential for all aluminium signs, especially letters. Without an etch primer any subsequent paint coats will simply flake off. Etching is then followed by various priming, undercoating and top coating processes. On average your aluminium letters will have at least five coats of paint applied to them before they are sent out to you.

Ral, Pantone & B.S.

Painted aluminium letters can be finished in almost any colour. Whether you need a specific Pantone, RAL or British standard colour a cost-effective paint finish is always available.

Paint finishing is THE most cost-effective way to achieve an accurate colour match. If you were thinking that power coating might be a better solution remember that powder coat is supplied in a 25kg minimum order quantity. This is a heck of a lot of powder and could dramatically drive up the costs of any painted aluminium letter project you have in mind.

With our wet spray service you can buy painted aluminium letters in specific colours without a price premium. We offer Pantone and other colours in 0.5lt or 1ltr quantities, perfect for small to medium-sized projects.


Aluminium built-up lettering products are almost always stuck together using a two-part adhesive. Forget what other sites say, this type of adhesive is not a reliable way of manufacturing built up signage, if you want to know why we can provide you with the evidence.

If you want a painted aluminium letter project in a built-up format we prefer to steer you towards a stainless steel product instead. Stainless steel is a better quality metal which can be welded into a reliable built-up letter product. The cost of aluminium and stainless steel is exactly the same. Because we don’t use laser cutting and don’t have to mess about with different settings and gases we don’t have to charge you more for stainless.

Painted aluminium letters are perfect for flat cut projects but our experience tells us that as a built-up letter product aluminium is not the best solution.

Patterns & effects

Painted aluminium letters don’t have to be limited to flat colours or smooth sheet materials. If you want to create a different effect we offer a range of patterned aluminium sheets, these can be cut into accurate letter and logo shapes regardless of size.

If you are looking for a finish with more “punch” then specify your painted aluminium letters in a metallic finish. This option gives you an extra set of design options and allows you to create signage and display which look special but cost a normal price.


Painted aluminium letters can be supplied with a variety of different fixings. You can choose from standard plastic cup and peg fixings, ultra-high bond double-sided tape, big head style threaded rods and nut bases or good old fashioned brass locators.

Whichever fixing system you choose an accurate computer-drawn fixings template is always supplied.

Painted aluminium letters, better quality, better prices.