Painted Corian signs

Carved painted Corian signs or engraved and painted Corian display panels. Whatever you need we have the Corian painting process all wrapped up.

As official, authorised Corian stockists we’ve been offering you all kinds of cut and fabricated Corian sign and display services for a number of years. With the addition of a dedicated spray finishing service, we now provide you with a higher level of Corian based solutions. 

painted corian signs
Painted Corian signs

Corian is the ideal material for carved and engraved sign and display panels, we now offer you the complete manufacturing solution.

Superb infilling

V carved and engraved Corian signs deliver a result which no other sign or display substrate can match. Choose the right Corian finish and match this to a stylish paint colour and you have a high-value sign or display product.

Our painted Corian sign service is specifically designed to provide a superior and cost-effective way to create carved and engraved Corian signage or display panels with that all-important contrasting infill.

Once your Corian signs have been machined it’s critical that a smooth, even infill is applied. Using our paint process it’s possible to apply a very high-quality infill to any engraved or carved designs.

With RAL and Pantone colour matching available, your painted Corian signs can be finished with any flat colour.

If you are looking for something more dramatic why not specify a smooth metallic finish? Available in a wide range of colours including gold, silver and copper these metallic finishes allow you to create Corian signs with a very professional appearance.


Painted Corian signs are finished using special paints which are designed to grip onto the surface of the substrate. The painting process required for this type of material is a little different to most other sign and display substrates.

Corian is a hybrid material so many standard, off the shelf paint products either don’t bind initially or flake off after time. Using the correct paints and carefully refined techniques allows us to offer you a professional-grade painted Corian sign products.

Permanent marking

If you don’t want engraving or v carved designs a painted Corian sign solution can still offer an advantage.

Graphics and text painted onto the surface of your Corian sign and display panels give a more permanent result. Where standard self-adhesive vinyl graphics can easily be peeled off a paint finish cannot.

Protection of painted graphics can be extended by applying a clear over lacquer.


Whether you need a series of painted Corian signs or you are simply looking for a one-off item we can help.

As authorised Corian stockists we can provide you with an economical service no matter the size or scope of your painted Corian sign projects.

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