Painted MDF lettering specialists

Painted MDF lettering is a perfect solution to many internal and external sign and display projects. Properly painted MDF letters and logos will allow you to offer so much more. There are many sign and display projects where painted MDF is the perfect choice if only you could find an easy and cost-effective way to achieve the paint finish you need.

painted mdf lettering
Painted MDF lettering

Getting a proper paint finish on MDF lettering and other sign components is a specialised process. Most general-purpose spray painters don’t like working with MDF, especially complicated letter and logo shapes. Those paint shops which will touch MDF normally want to charge you a small fortune or expect you to accept a compromise finish.

Getting good paint results on MDF lettering starts with the way you cut the raw blanks. Cut clean, crisp parts and paint results will be better. Use special preparation techniques to seal the porous edges of cut MDF and you can achieve a smooth, flat finish throughout.

Painted MDF lettering is an important part of your product line up as it allows you to step outside the normal restraints of familiar thin materials like Perspex and aluminium composite. Painted MDF letters and logos should be an integral part of your product range as they fill an important niche and provide a perfect solution to all kinds of sign and display project.

If you want to achieve a 3D, dimensional lettering effect MDF is a quick, easy and inexpensive option.

painted mdf letters
Painted MDF letters

If you’ve decided that painted MDF lettering isn’t something you want to get involved with due to the hassle of getting the right paint finish our service is designed for you, it’s easy, affordable and designed to let you use MDF as an integral part of what you can offer.

Get the complete package

You can get unpainted MDF lettering, logos and shapes from plenty of online and offline suppliers. Great, but when was the last time you were asked to supply raw MDF lettering? We know that 99.9% of the time you need to deliver painted MDF letters and your bog-standard supplier can’t help.

We understand that raw MDF shapes are easy to source from virtually anyone with spare CNC router capacity, what we offer you is an affordable, hassle-free route to a finished MDF sign or display project.

painted mdf letters in gold and brown
Painted MDF letters in gold and brown

Attractive prices

Painted MDF lettering is something which only makes sense if the price is affordable. We are keenly aware that there is a limit to the cost of painted MDF lettering. It doesn’t matter how fabulous your painted MDF letters or signs look, if they cost too much there isn’t a market for them.

closeup of spray painted mdf letters
Closeup of spray painted MDF letters

By specialising in painted MDF work we are able to offer a finishing solution which delivers smooth, even paint finishes whilst at the same time allowing you to make money.

A lot of research and development work has been carried out to perfect a range of specialist painting techniques which speed up production whilst at the same time giving the kind of quality finish you need to offer.

Unpack and go

Painted MDF lettering can be supplied with a range of fixings pre-applied. From industry-standard cup and peg fixings through to high-performance double-sided tapes and liquid adhesives your painted MDF letters and logos can be shipped out ready for you to unpack and install straight away.

You can apply your own fixings or get us to pre-install them. There are lots of fixing choices available, ultra high strength double-sided tape, plastic cup and peg fixings or brass locators and bighead style mountings.

If you want to start seeing the full benefits of MDF lettering and logo products then email or call us for a fast, free quotation.