Painted MDF panels and signs

Painted MDF panels are not as widely used within the sign and display industry as they should be. The prime reason why painted MDF panels are discounted as a production option is the hassle normally associated with achieving the right standard of paint finishing.

Throughout the sign and display industry people like you are thwarted in their attempts to use painted MDF panels and letters due to the lack of an affordable painting option. Whilst it’s simple to source raw MDF components and sign blanks it’s almost impossible to find a supplier who can provide you with a complete paint service as well.

painted mdf panels
Painted MDF panels

We know that many companies want to make better use of MDF and other thick substrates but are put off by the hassle involved in preparing and applying a really professional standard of paint.

If you’ve given up offering painted MDF signs because of the problems involved in getting the right paint finish at the right price our spray-painting service is designed to bridge the gap between getting hold of the raw MDF components and the delivery of a quality painted end product.


Painted MDF panels can be created in any shape, size or thickness you need. From simple squares through to ornate shields painted MDF panels can be manufactured to suit your design requirements.

Painted MDF panels make sense for many interior and exterior projects where you wish to get away from the normal 3 & 5mm panel thicknesses associated with Perspex and other pre-coloured sheet materials.

painted mdf sign panels
Painted MDF sign panels

Using thicker sheet material such as MDF allows you to select painted panels with more decorative impact. You can, for instance, have bevelled or smooth rounded edges, something thin panel materials just can’t deliver.

Painted MDF panels can be supplied as plain blanks ready for cut or digitally printed vinyl application. We’ve also brought back our own contract vinyl cutting service so you can now get.

V carved

Painted MDF panels are at their best when more complex design elements are “built-in”. The thickness offered by MDF creates the perfect medium for V carved designs.

V carving is a process whereby your design is physically carved into a painted MDF panel. This process is controlled by sophisticated software and created using computer-controlled equipment.

Painted V carved MDF panels provide you with an impressive dimensional effect which really exploits the benefits of using a thicker substrate.

Displays too

MDF is the perfect material to manufacture robust display cabinets and other furniture type structures. Again, the main drawback, the key reason why many people shy away from MDF display panels and cabinets is due to the problems of achieving the desired final paint finish.

You will no doubt have discovered that there are an army of sites all offering raw, unpainted MDF display products. The problem is, as far as you are concerned, a raw MDF display isn’t what you have been asked to deliver- you need a fully finished package, not just a raw MDF blank.

This is where our painted MDF panel service could prove highly advantageous. Not only can we manufacture your MDF display systems we can also paint them for you, in one operation, at one price.

Painted MDF panels have almost unlimited applications, we are here to help you exploit the full potential of MDF in all its forms.