Plastic chrome lettering and logos

New plastic chrome lettering and logos are now available using a unique production process which provides you with a viable alternative to metals and composites. Following a long process of development and testing we are now able to offer plastic chrome letters and logos which really do offer you something unique. We call this new product Smart Chrome because it’s a smart way of creating chrome effect signage and display panels in a way which is simply impossible using any other material.

plastic chrome lettering and logos
Plastic chrome lettering and logos

This photograph shows you a small example of our plastic chrome product. Mounted onto a Green Corian sign panel these chrome letters are 20mm thick and completely solid. The winged logo is also 20mm thick but this time we have used a bevelled machining strategy to create a stylish carved effect.

plastic chrome logo
Plastic chrome logo

A close up picture shows you the bevelled carving in greater detail. This type of effect is impossible to achieve using metal or composite products. With plastic chrome this type of machining is not only relatively straight forward it is also very cost-effective.

If your budget doesn’t go far enough for 3d built up stainless steel lettering our plastic chrome lettering and logos give you an affordable alternative. All cut edges are polished to give a smooth look and feel.


Plastic chrome lettering and logos can be used internally or externally. From individually mounted letters through to push through characters for sign trays this product gives the convenience of a solid substrate with the look of a thick metal finish.

plastic chrome letters
Plastic chrome letters

If you wanted to use plastic chrome letters for interior or point of sale work you can. This product is dimensionally stable, waterproof and UV resistant.

With a broad spectrum of sheet thicknesses available you can stick with simple straight-sided flat cut style lettering or explore options like bevelling and carving. You can carve up or carve into this material which allows you all kinds of creative options.

plastic chrome letters mounted on a brushed  steel sign panel
Plastic chrome letters mounted on a brushed steel sign panel

This photograph shows you a standard flat-sided cut out plastic chrome letter mounted onto a brushed stainless steel sign tray. You can mount plastic chrome shapes straight onto the surface like this or we can machine each letter shape to push through an aperture cut into you sign trays or panels, a push through product.

Panels too

Plastic chrome is great for lettering and logo shapes. For some projects which are simply too small for conventional stainless steel built-up production this product provides the only realistic production option.

You are not however limited to cut out logos or letter shapes. Plastic chrome can be used to create dramatic chrome display panels and signage. Whether you opt for simple flat bottomed engraving or dramatic V carved designs with coloured a coloured infill this material opens up all kinds of new and exciting design options.

Plastic chrome lettering and logos, a new way to create stylish effects.