PVC lettering

Lettering, logos and shapes cut from PVC sheet

PVC lettering is a great solution to projects where the cost of purchase is the most important factor. PVC lettering is a low cost, entry-level solution to interior and exterior lettering projects.

Available in a range of colours and thicknesses PVC lettering is great for point of sale, internal display and many external projects.

PVC lettering white

White PVC lettering, logos and shapes are available in a range of thicknesses.

  • pvc lettering3mm
  • 5mm
  • 10mm
  • 19mm

All thicknesses are finished in a smooth, matte finish. Because PVC is totally weatherproof you can use your PVC lettering in wet environments without worry.

Lots of our customers like to buy 19mm thick PVC lettering in its natural state and then apply spray painted finishes. This approach is a perfect alternative to painted MDF lettering.

Not only are PVC letters lighter and stronger than MDF they are also weatherproof. This allows you to use your painted PVC lettering outside with no risk of water penetration damage something painted MDF is prone to.

Painted foamex letters

What is foamex?

Foamex is the generic name for this type of material. Foamex is a foam PVC material just like other brands: Forrex, Palight, etc.

If you want branded foamex we can supply this, although, to be honest, there is no real difference between the brands of foam PVC.

How to paint PVC lettering

PVC lettering is normally painted with two-pack automotive paints. This type of paint cures to a hard finish and produces superb results on nearly all types of PVC. When painting PVC lettering it’s vital that the cut edges of each letter are sealed properly. PVC has an internal cell structure which absorbs paint much like MDF. To stop your paint from soaking into the cut edges you should apply a high build primer to and lightly sand when this is dry. Once the edges are sealed correctly your topcoat will be as sharp and glossy on the edges as it is on the faces.

We now offer painted foamex letters as a standard option

Foamex PVC can be painted to any RAL or Pantone finish. You can also have metallic finishes too. Paint finishing is an in-house service which combines great results with affordable prices.

Coloured PVC lettering

PVC lettering can also be machined from a range of gloss and matte colours:

  • pvc lettering coloursBlack
  • Light Grey
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

These PVC colours are available in a selection of 3 and 5mm thicknesses. You can use our popular cup and peg letter fixing system with PVC lettering and you can also use double-sided tapes to mount your PVC letters and logos into their final position.

PVC lettering made from these colours is great for low-cost interior signage and display projects.

If you want a specific RAL or Pantone colour remembers, we offer you a complete in house paint finishing service.

Can I use coloured PVC lettering outside?

red pvc letterYou can use pre-coloured PVC lettering outside if you only require a short term sign. Coloured PVC material is prone to fading under UV/ sunlight. Some suppliers might tell you that coloured PVC lettering is perfect for long term external signage but we don’t think this is true. In our experience coloured PVC fades period.

If you want long term coloured lettering just specify a painted finish. All paints used for PVC are UV stable and designed for long term use.

Gloss PVC lettering

Standard White and coloured PVC lettering and logos are made from matte finish material. This is perfect for interior work as you get no glare from interior lighting reflecting off your letters. There are full gloss PVC sheet materials available. These have a factory applied gloss coat on one side of the sheet. These glossy letters can be used for internal and short term external projects.

It’s important to bear in mind that glossy PVC also fades so it isn’t a suitable product for long term external signage. If you do want to use glossy Foamex PVC then a paint finish is your best choice.

PVC lettering and logos precision machined in any design you need.