Road sign blanks

Affordable blank road signs

Road sign blanks allow you an easy way to create professional signs in minutes. Manufactured via precision CNC equipment all road sign blanks are made to the dimensions YOU need.

road sign blanksWe can supply standard typefaces in almost any design. If you are not able to create a design on a computer you can either fax us a sketch of what you would like or alternatively you can tell us the style and size of sign lettering you need.

This picture shows two white aluminium composite sign blanks. With one flipped over, you are able to see the grey aluminium fixing channel which is affixed to the rear side. These channels allow the stainless steel fixing clips to operate.

TIP: you should always plan on at least two rails and two fixing clips for you road sign blanks. This will prevent the possibility of the sign twisting or rotating on the post.

Theft resistant road sign blanks

As metal prices have increased the scrap value of traditional solid aluminium road signs means that they are attractive to thieves.

Our range of composite road sign blanks have virtually zero scrap value so there is simply no point stealing them.

Composite road sign blanks

Manufactured from 3mm thick aluminium composite this type of blank is available  pre-coloured in:

  • Redroad sign blank colours
  • Navy
  • Yellow
  • Mid Green
  • Dark Green
  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Ivory.

These road sign blanks are non-reflective but appropriate reflective vinyls can be laminated onto the standard white finish composite. This material system provides a low-cost solution to post and stanchion mounted road signs.

If you want to buy blanks pre-fitted with reflective backing then we can do this for you. Text and symbols can also be cut and applied to your design should you require this service.

Solid aluminium

Manufactured from 3mm pure aluminium sheet these road sign blanks are cut via waterjet technology for a superior finish.

Aluminium road sign blanks can be bought in base, mill finish. If you require a specific colour then a powder coat finish to any RAL colour can be supplied.

Channel and clips

As we have already seen, these road sign blanks are available pre-fitted with aluminium channel. This channel is bonded to the rear of the sign panel and allows you to use the specially designed stainless steel mounting clips.

road sign fixing channelUsing fixing channel on your road signs allows you to clamp the panels onto your posts without having to drill through the face. This system is widely used on “proper” road signs and is the right fixing system to use.

Another benefit of the fixing channel is the stiffening effect it provides for your panels. It is surprising how rigid sign panels become when the fixing channel is in place you won’t be able to flex or bend your signs.

This picture shows the back view of a sign panel which is securely fastened to a standard metal post. As you can see the actual panel is securely bolted to the mounting clip which binds onto the post very tightly.

Clips for road signs come in sizes suitable for standard 50mm and 75mm diameter posts. Check your post sizes before ordering any clips.


Composite and painted road sign blanks are easy to letter using computer cut vinyl. You can use standard gloss colours, engineering grade reflective or diamond pattern, highway grade reflective vinyl.

If you prefer to buy complete, finished road sign panels we can supply panels with fixing channels, post clips and graphics as a complete “ready to fit” solution.

Road sign blanks in aluminium and zero scrap value composite.