Sign foam lettering

Our unique sign foam makes

Sign foam lettering is a unique product which allows you to do so much more. Sign foam is a rigid, lightweight material which works inside or out. Developed exclusively by the Smart Group Sign Foam is the substrate system the sign industry has been waiting for.

sign foam letter rounded topUntil now the only option for thick sign lettering has been MDF or foamex.

MDF is heavy and not well suited to exterior use. foamex is only available up to 19mm thick.

Sign foam lettering is the answer

Our sign foam lettering is the solution to thick sign and display letter work. Our unique foam product lets you do so much more, creating distinctive, individual results.

Sign foam lettering the key benefits:

  • carved sign foam letterDense cell structure
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Can be sanded, primed and filled
  • Resistant to all types of paint even solvent and epoxy
  • Holds fine detail well
  • Lightweight and easy to mount

This product is NOT polystyrene. Polystyrene is a far inferior product.

Full 3D carving and machining available for super sign foam letters

Sign foam lets you explore the world of 3D carving and routing. The dense structure of sign foam allows all kinds of cool 3D effects to be machined into the foam.

Our Sign Foam system is specially developed for the sign industry and delivers the kind of dimensional signage hitherto impossible to create economically.

carved sign foam panel
Carved sign foam panel

This dimensional carved sign foam panel is for the Theakstons Brewery. What you see here is the unpainted sign foam blank. Machined from two layers of 50mm deep sign foam sheets this sign foam project required a fairly complex layered machining strategy.

carved sign foam logo
Carved sign foam logo

Viewed from above you can see the sign blank in all it’s detail. Measuring some 1500mm long by over a metre wide this blank was the perfect size for our 8 x 4ft sign foam sheets.

Finishing sign foam lettering

You can finish sign foam by:

  • thick sign foam examplePainting with brushes
  • Spray painting
  • Roller applied paint
  • Gilding and Gold leaf
  • Glitter coating

Remember, our sign foam is NOT like polystyrene you can use solvent and oil-based paints without damaging the material.

As an additional service we provide realistic renderings of all 3D work if you ask us for them. This allows you to see the end result for yourself or incorporate our renderings into your own drawings.

This picture shows the Theakstons Project fully painted. Our Sign foam system enables you to create works of art rather than mere signage.

Sign foam an EXCLUSIVE system

Smart Group sign foam is a new and EXCLUSIVE sign substrate system. Developed by us Sign Foam will allow sign makers and designers the means to take sign and display production to a new level.

sign foam exclusive to the smart groupSign Foam we believe represents a huge leap forward in sign and display manufacturing.

Our new site will be launched very soon.

Sign foam letters expand the possibilities of sign lettering without breaking the bank.