Slimline sign trays

Narrow illuminated sign trays

These slimline sign tray products allow you to offer a sleek finish at an incredible thickness.

To get the best from sign tray products you need a supplier who can do more than simply supply “stock” sizes. This type of narrow illuminated sign is something which can be made to suit most designs. Most suppliers class slimline as a 90mm product the picture on this page show a true “slimline” sign tray which is only 30mm deep.

Why offer narrow illuminated signs?

Not everyone wants a “chunky” effect to their signage. Some locations may limit the thickness of sign which can be installed. In these circumstances, slimline sign trays are the ideal solution.

slimline sign trays
Slimline sign trays

Case study chancellors

This slimline sign tray project called for a glossy white finish tray fret cut to allow the characters and logo to illuminate. The black lettering is made from 3mm black Perspex welded to a 10mm clear Perspex back letter this gives a total thickness of 13mm. Due to the way we manufacture this sort of lettering the edges are always flush and always neat. These combination letters were then flame polished.

The illumination is provided by waterproof white led modules which are mounted inside their own sealed back trays. This slimline sign tray is an “all in” design with the lighting mounted onto the rear side of the sign tray. This means the installation can be carried out using standard aluminium rail/ angle.

How narrow sign trays illuminate

narrow illuminated signsSlimline sign trays are best designed to “edge” light the text and logos. In this case, the clear 10mm letters project a White halo around the top black letter. Designing in this way helps to eliminate light spotting which can occur no matter what light source you use when you work on very narrow illuminated signs.

All other types of sign tray can be made to suit whatever specification you need.

Complete, ready to go solution

This type of narrow illuminated sign is supplied as a ready to hang solution. All you need to do is un-crate, hang on the wall and connect up a single mains 240v power feed that’s it.

Price matching available

Put us to the test and see if we can better the price you have been quoted elsewhere.

All you need to do is send us the quotes you want us to match or beat and we will work hard to give you the best value for money.

To make this type of sign efficiently we have refined all the individual manufacturing process so that production is carried out in the most cost-effective manner.

Push through and fret cut letters/ logos are all part of the service

No matter what type of material you opt for we are able to machine accurate fret cuts and supply the accompanying face letters and logo shapes.

A process of testing and evaluation has led to a means of letter mounting which we feel is superior to the industry norm. Secure fixing of the face letters is crucial as is a tidy appearance without visible glued joints.

Clear/ coloured Perspex letter systems for the appearance of “depth” can be created for you with the minimum of fuss and expense. You can also have raised Perspex graphics pre-installed.

We are ready to help you get the best from this type of product.

Slim line sign trays just part of our sign tray service.