Special effect acrylic sheet

A selection of special effect acrylic sheets

As well as the entire Perspex and Plexiglas range of acrylic sheet we can also supply you with special effect acrylic sheets.

speciality acrylic sheetOur special effect acrylic sheets are designed to offer you an extra level of choice when it comes to acrylic based production.

This type of speciality acrylic sheet is unavailable from most sign and display suppliers.

Full details of our special effect acrylics can be seen by simply clicking on the links on the right-hand side of the page.

Special effect acrylic sheet machining

Special effect acrylic sheets can be machined in various ways:

CNC routing

All speciality acrylic sheet can be processed via our CNC routing systems. This means we can:

  • Cut individual letters
  • Score and lip the material
  • Cut panels of any shape
  • Drill mounting holes.

Special effect acrylic sheet machines in the same way as standard acrylics with super smooth, clean edges.

CNC waterjet

Speciality acrylic sheets can be processed via our CNC waterjet systems. If you need super fine detail then waterjet offers you an advantage over CNC routing.

Line bending

Speciality acrylics can be line bent in the same fashion as standard acrylic colours. Some colours and effects require less heating time.

NEW our line bending service is now improved with new equipment which can make bends in 600, 1200 and 2400mm lengths.

What can you use speciality acrylics for?

Because speciality acrylics machine and process in more or less the same way as standard acrylic sheet you can make the same kind of products from speciality acrylics as you would from standard Perspex:

  • Flat cut lettering
  • Built up lettering
  • Display panels
  • Covers and cases
  • Boxes
  • Shelves
  • Screens.
speciality acrylic sheet
Speciality acrylic sheet

These built up letters are made from Silver silk acrylic

Speciality acrylics offer you an extra layer of creativity letting you achieve results which normal acrylics do not allow.

Speciality acrylic sheets are available as raw sheet stock. A comprehensive machining and processing service is also available to you.