Stainless steel lettering

Flat cut letters and logos in all finishes

Flat cut stainless steel work and built up up work are all part of our standard service. If you are trying to find an affordable stainless steel lettering supplier for flat cut or built-up projects then we provide exactly what you need.

stainless steel letterOur experience is in the display area of metal cutting we know your stainless steel lettering is going to be used as a sign or display so our whole production system is geared towards delivering stainless steel lettering which is “just right”.

We operate our own sophisticated water jet equipment which delivers precise, accurate results in an environmentally friendly way, Comparable to lasers cutting in terms of accuracy our water-based service cuts smaller shapes and thinner materials. Heat spots and laser burn problems are simply non-existant.

Fabulous for flat cutwork

Flat cut stainless steel lettering in brushed, polished or patterned finishes are a standard product which are easy to order and inexpensive to buy.

All flat cut lettering projects are handled in the same way as Perspex or other standard sign and display substrates, simply email the files you wish manufactured as flat cut stainless steel letters or logos and we cut them for you, it’s not a difficult or expensive process.

picture of stainless steel letters
Picture of stainless steel letters

These intricate flat cut stainless steel letters and the logo shape are made from 3mm thick brushed finish sheet. The 5 pence piece under the I gives you an idea of the intricacy we can deliver.


Flat cut stainless steel lettering in a brushed finish provides you with a stylish satin silver effect. Typically the brushed grain finish runs horizontally across the letter shape. If you prefer a vertical grain direct simply ask.

stainless steel lettering
Stainless steel lettering

Flat cut brushed stainless steel letters are available in a broad range of thicknesses. As well as the usual 1.2mm, 2mm and 3mm gauges you can also have brushed letters at 5mm or thicker.

Due to the way we cut stainless steel we can also offer you brushed flat cut lettering and logo shapes in metal which is 0.9, 0.7 or 0.5mm thick. The ability to cut ultra-thin flat cut letters is something only a water-based system can deliver, laser machines burn or warp these thin gauges of stainless.

flat cut brushed stainless steel letters
Flat cut brushed stainless steel letters

These are 3mm thick brushed flat cut letters. Fitted with standard cup a peg fixings these letters are as easy and quick to install as any other flat cut lettering made in plastic or composite.

Flat cut brushed stainless steel letters give a superior finish and don’t cost as much as you might think.


Polished or mirror finish stainless steel flat cut lettering delivers a durable “chrome” effect. Longer lasting and cheaper than mirror aluminium composite alternatives flat cut letters and logos made from this type of stainless project a real air of prestige.

polished flat cut stainless steel lettering
Polished flat cut stainless steel lettering

These are some simple numbers cut from polished stainless. This type of flat cut is installed quickly and easily using industry-standard fixings. Fixing templates are provided for all flat cut projects no matter what the material used.

Polished flat cuts can be manufactured in the same thicknesses as brushed. Typically we hold stock of both brushed and mirrored stainless ready for quick production. Additional supplies are available to us on a next day basis so urgent flat cut stainless projects can be turned round very quickly.

stainless steel letter images
Stainless steel letter images

All flat cut stainless steel lettering and logo projects are carried out by us using our own machinery. This means we respond faster and charge you less.

Express for less

If you need flat cut stainless steel lettering in a hurry we can help you get the job done without paying a premium.

express sign and display productionOther suppliers of flat cut stainless steel lettering charge premium prices for quick turnarounds. If you are happy to pay an extra 25 or 40% for a rush service you might be surprised that we offer an express service at no additional cost.

With raw materials in stock and equipment available to us 24/7, we are happy to offer an express service at a standard price. If we can slot you into our production schedules we will. What we won’t do is force you to pay excessive extra charges. We charge no premium for an express service even if this means production has to take place in the evenings or at the weekend.

Flat cut stainless steel lettering and logos at great prices.