Ten reasons to buy trough lighting

10 reasons why we think you should buy our lighting

There are several trough lighting systems available on the internet. Choosing the right lighting system may seem like a difficult task. We think our trough lighting is the best you will find in terms of price, quality and design.

Here are ten reasons we think back up our claim:

1. Slim, neat design

Big boxy trough light systems are plain ugly. We don’t see the point in our customers spending money on their signage only to have them obscured by chunky, clunky light casings which detract from the message the signs are there to promote and inevitably give the visual appeal of “cheap and nasty”.

2. Lightweight

A heavyweight trough light system is difficult to handle, hard to lift into place and requires some serious fixings to ensure a safe, durable installation is made. By creating a lightweight system we can make your trough light easy to carry and easy to lift. Being lighter than some other trough lights our system also places a lot less loading on the brackets so the risks of needing to carry out remedial strengthening work is reduced.

3. Rust free

Cheap trough lights are usually made from pressed steel which is then painted. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this approach it still cannot overcome the fact that the material used to make the light casing WILL eventually rust a lot of trough lighting actually rusts from the inside out. By manufacturing the trough lighting from aluminium which does not rust we can make sure that, even after years of exposure outside, your lighting will not develop ugly Brown rust spots or eventually corrode away to crumbs.

4. Super sealed

We have a number of customers who have used rival trough lighting products. The recurring message we hear is that a lot of other trough lighting leaks like a sieve. This is not good news. Water entering your trough light could short out the electrics at the very least it will cause the diffuser to mist from the inside cutting the effectiveness of the light output. If your trough light is made from steel and water penetration will sit in the crevices of the casing and cause rusting. Our trough lighting is equipped with a full seal set one that is so effective it offers a high IP rating and allows the lighting to be used as an up lighter.

5. Uplighting? no problem

A by-product of our super sealing system is that it allows you to use your trough light to either shine down over your sign or up from below it. This feature is just not practical for cheap, poorly sealed trough lights. This flexibility allows you to buy one lighting product which lets you decide how you want to mount it.

6. Colours are easy

Colour coded trough lights are catered for as standard. If you want to preserve your corporate colours or just want to match to colour which takes your fancy we can do this for you without costing a fortune. Some other lighting systems are difficult to paint because of the design makes.

7. No fiddly brackets

We have fitted plenty of trough lights and we know that installers hate fiddly, overcomplicated brackets. If you have ever been in the position of trying to mate a long light to a fiddly bracket whilst holding the weight of the lamp at the top of a ladder you will appreciate the benefit of a nice, simple, effective connection between bracket and light. This attribute will allow your fitters to get the job done faster and with less effort.

8. Plenty of bracket options

There are a series of different length brackets available off the shelf. If you need a special bracket to overcome a ledge or obstruction we can make special brackets for you as part of the service. Some other trough lighting systems are available with one choice of bracket with no facility for longer or shorter lengths. Whatever your installation situation we can give you a bracket solution to make you life easier.

9. Low maintenance

Our lighting uses reliable T8 tri-phosphor fluorescent tubes. These are incredibly reliable and last for a considerable time. As our tough lighting is sealed to a high level these tubes are snuggly tucked inside a fully weatherproof casing this has a big impact on their reliability. If a tube wears out it is a simple task to swap in a replacement if you can’t find a T8 tube a standard 20mm diameter model will fit. There is no need to take the trough light off the wall.

10. Quality which pays for itself

We charge a competitive price for a quality, well-designed trough lighting system which is just working. The casing, paint finish and seals are designed to last. The light source is reliable and durable. If you buy one of our trough lights you’ll be able to fit it and forget about it.

Check to see that other troughlighting you look at has all ten of these features before you buy.