Thick Perspex lettering

How thick can you buy solid Perspex lettering? The conventional answer to this is up to 8mm for colours, 15mm for Opal White and 20mm for clear. If you are trying to find a way to get hold of thick coloured Perspex lettering the standard reply you run up against is “sorry can’t help”.

This lack of thick Perspex lettering in the market place leads to huge problems for most sign makers and display companies. You want Perspex, you want colour but you want thickness too. Every other supplier says “no” but we say “yes”.

If you want a proper THICK Perspex lettering solution you can have it, no problem. Up until now the only way to buy coloured Perspex lettering thicker than 8mm deep has been to splash our for a built-up acrylic product, more cost, more limitations as to what can be manufactured. You don’t have to go to this expense and this hassle, thick Perspex lettering in a solid form IS available in ANY colour you want.

8mm thick perspex letters
8 mm thick perspex letters

This photo shows the standard 8mm solid colour swatch which other suppliers work from. If you want thick coloured Perspex this is all they offer you. If you wanted to use your thick Perspex letters for an illuminated project it’s worth remembering that the standard 8mm acrylics are virtually useless for backlit work, they are just too dense to illuminate properly.

Yes you can

If you ask us if you can buy thick Perspex lettering in a RAL or Pantone colour this is the answer you will get. We can source and machine solid acrylic finished in any RAL or Pantone colour right up to 30mm thick. That’s right solid coloured Perspex lettering in any RAL or Pantone colour up to 30mm thick.

Perhaps you want standard 3, 5 or 8mm Perspex lettering and logos in a specific RAL or Pantone colour. If you do then we offer these colours in thicknesses up to 30mm. Just because other suppliers cannot offer thick Perspex lettering as standard it doesn’t mean it’s impossible for us to do so.

Colours for less

Traditionally RAL and Pantone coloured Perspex has been almost impossible to get hold of or it’s extremely expensive to buy. Some acrylic manufacturers will produce sheet stock to specific colours but you are expected to pay a premium and asked to wait up to six weeks.

Alternatively, you can just buy your thick Perspex lettering from us and pay no fancy premium and have no long lead times. Our Pantone and RAL Perspex lettering service is ideal for real-life production. For most of the projects you undertake you simply don’t need five or six full sheets of Perspex, you just want the letters or logos needed for the job. This is exactly why we created this service.

Bin built up’s

Built-up Perspex letters are great but many people are forced to use them because no one offers thick Perspex in a solid sheet format. Many letter shapes and character sizes cannot be produced using built-up techniques whilst the letter styles which are available end up costing you more than a solid flat cut would.

Don’t forget built up Perspex letters still rely on the standard acrylic colours, if you want specific RAL or Pantone colours it’s, even more, cost and loads more hassle.

The ability to have RAL and Pantone colours in a huge range of proper thicknesses means you don’t have to go down the built-up route at all. Use a solid letter shape and costs are kept down and options are kept open.

Push through, bevelled, flat cut

Our thick Perspex lettering production service lets you choose from a variety of different formats. For standard letter and logo shapes use simple flat cutting. If you want a thick Perspex letter to “poke” through your sign trays then ask for our push through machining service. This production method creates a snug-fitting letter which is bonded into the rear of your tray, no mess, no fuss.

Because our thick Perspex lettering and logo service uses proper THICK sheet stock you can also use bevelled and carved machining techniques which just aren’t possible with standard 5 or 8mm sheet.

All thicknesses all finishes

It’s not just solid colours which are available in a proper range of thicknesses. We also offer thick Perspex for backlighting, frosted colours up to 20mm and metallic colours up to the same 30mm thickness.

Other sites don’t offer the same service because they cannot manufacture this type of product.

Perspex lettering, solid, backlit, frosted and metallic finishes are all available.