Two-part stencils

Make your stencils look less like… stencils

When you design a stencil you need to find a way to keep the centre of letters like a, e, o in place. If these centres aren’t connected to the rest of the stencil your lettering won’t look right.

The only way to keep these centres in the right place is to “bridge” them onto the main bulk of the stencil.

This bridging solves the problem of loose centres but it does mean that your finished stencil has lines through the affected characters. If you want to overcome this effect you need a two-part stencil.

How a two-part stencil works

A two-part stencil consists of two stencil panels. The first panel has the centre bridges running vertically. The second stencil has the centre bridges running horizontally.

two part stencils
Two part stencils

To use a two-part stencil you simply paint through the first stencil in the normal way and leave the paint to dry. Once the first stencil has dried you simply overlay the second stencil and paint in the bridge “gaps” left by the first stencil. Because the bridges in stencils one and two-run in opposite directions you can eliminate any gaps in the painted results creating solid text and logos.

Two part stencils are easy to use

And give you a finished result free from an obvious “stencilled” effect.