Waterproof 60-watt LED transformer

Waterproof LED transformer as standard

Waterproof 60-watt LED transformers are the largest capacity power supplies which we carry as a stock item.

We supply you with IP rated exterior power supplies as standard.

The 60-watt waterproof LED transformer provides you with plenty of power suitable for most medium to large size LED installations.

waterproof 60 watt led transformer
Waterproof 60-watt LED transformer

Why use waterproof LED transformers?

Our LED transformer range standardises on exterior grade, waterproof construction. We feel that the small cost difference between interior and exterior rated power supplies is so small that the advantages of a waterproof LED transformer offers should be incorporated into all LED lighting projects even interior applications.

Exterior sign and display work

A waterproof LED transformer lets you design and mount your entire LED lighting in the most convenient and efficient way. Because you can mount your waterproof LED transformers on the exterior of the building you can avoid the hassle of running long lengths of 12v feed cable back to an internally installed transformer you simply need a single mains 240v feed to the exterior of the building.

Waterproof power supplies eliminate the risk of water damage or damp running conditions which are both likely when using unsealed interior transformers you have the confidence that your power system is designed for outside work.

With these waterproof 60-watt LED transformers we can supply items such as fret cut sign panels and bespoke stainless steel signage with integrated power supplies the transformers are built into the signage allowing you to make one, simple 240v mains power connection.

Interior work

By using a waterproof 60-watt LED transformer for your interior projects you can design out the unexpected and increase your peace of mind.

Interior LED transformers are vented and unsealed. Vents can allow particles and dust to build up inside the outer casing. This is not an ideal situation and a sealed waterproof LED transformer will not allow any foreign matter to enter the internal workings of the power supply.

Interior LED transformers are also unprotected against spillages or accidental water ingress. For pub and club work spills of liquids are inevitable. Use a sealed waterproof LED transformer and you eliminate these risks and build in an extra layer of protection.

Standardising on properly sealed and rated power supplies gives you indoor/ outdoor flexibility in one unit.

Would you save money by using an interior rate power supply?

The cost difference between a waterproof 60-watt LED transformer and an unsealed interior rated 60-watt LED transformer is very small. So small in fact that we believe there is no cost-benefit for interior power supplies.

The few pounds you save on an interior LED power supply are outweighed by the peace of mind that a waterproof LED power supply provides.

Connecting your LED lights to your transformer

Connecting your waterproof 60-watt LED transformer to you LED lighting and mains power is a simple procedure.

Waterproof enclosures

waterproof led enclosureWe recommend that you use two waterproof enclosures within which your connections are made. You need one enclosure for the 12v side of your wiring and one on the 240v side.

Waterproof enclosures are available as component items in differing sizes.

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Waterproof 60-watt LED transformers give you reliable “fit and forget” 12v power for all your LED work.