Waterproof LED transformers 35-watt

Compact, exterior rated led power supplies

As with it’s larger brother, the 60-watt waterproof led transformer this 35-watt version gives you a range of benefits which we believe should be standard for LED transformer products.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Safe exterior running
  • Fully sealed against water and debris ingress
  • Eliminates call outs for water damaged power supplies
  • Gives total peace of mind for both internal and external installations.
35watt led transformer
35-watt LED transformer

You may think that an internal power supply is perfectly fine for internal led installations. This may be the case but by stepping up to a waterproof version you can, even on internal projects, design in that extra peace of mind.

Simple exterior led installations

When you install your waterproof 35-watt led transformer all you need to worry about is making good the connections between 12v DC and mains 240v.

This is easy to do, you simply mount a waterproof enclosure at both ends of your transformer and make the connections inside. Simple “chocolate block” terminals are more than adequate for this task.

Waterproof enclosures for led transformer wiring are available as stock items.

Because your 35-watt LED power supply is design to be water and weatherproof you can safety tuck your power supply into any convenient location, you should allow some airflow around the transformer casing.

For internal applications your waterproof 35-watt led transformer layers on added protection, you know that even if someone spills liquid onto the transformer you installed there is no danger. Everything is safely sealed against water and dust.

Other LED transformer sizes can be supplied

waterproof 35 watt led transformer photoAlong with waterproof 35 and 60 watt led transformers we can also supply you with extra capacity 120watt versions or small compact 14w designs.

The size of LED transformer you need to use is governed by the number and type of led modules in your installation, we can advise you on the best sizes to use.

If you wish to buy sign and display products incorporating LEDs we can, in most cases carry out all 12v wiring for you. If you get us to do the wiring work for you waterproof enclosures will be supplied/ mounted for you.

Waterproof 35-watt LED transformers are a compact, affordable power source for all your 12v DC led installations.