What is trough lighting?

How a trough light can help you illuminate more effectively

Trough lighting is one of the most popular methods of illuminating exterior signage. Trough lighting overcomes the problem of light spotting and uneven illumination which is an inherent problem with traditional spot or floodlights.

trough lightsA trough light is your cost-effective solution to even, bright illumination of even the longest fascia sign. The essence of a trough light system is the specially designed aluminium extrusion which encases all the electrical control gear and tubes. This is then hung on specially designed brackets which integrate with the extrusion to deliver a non-obtrusive. lightweight lighting system.

Trough lighting can be made as a single unit up to 6m (20ft) in length. Larger sizes can be easily achieved using the specially designed connectors with this option you can have a trough light of virtually any length.

Who uses trough lighting?

Trough lighting is used across the U.K. for many different kinds of exterior illumination. Although trough lighting was originally developed for the sign industry it is used for general-purpose exterior lighting as well as sign specific applications.

You will have seen trough lighting systems on your high street or local out of town shopping centre. Whenever people need to illuminate a large exterior sign they tend to use a trough light system.

Typical applications for trough lighting include:

  • High street retail shops
  • Restaurants
  • Take away outlets
  • Pubs & clubs
  • Factory and industrial buildings
  • School buildings
  • Offices
  • Hospitals.

How trough lighting saves you money

Our trough lighting is designed to take a limited light source and amplify this to provide even illumination over large surface areas.

The lighting element of our trough lighting are new generation T8 fluorescent tubes. Coupled with internal, highly polished reflectors these tubes are capable of delivering a great lighting effect.

The fluorescent tubes within our trough lights are low maintenance and energy-efficient.

The running costs and maintenance on a trough lighting system are a fraction of the costs involved in running and maintaining an internally illuminated lightbox style sign.

  • Lower installation costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Cheap tube replacement
  • Non-rusting aluminium construction
  • Durable powder-coated finish for longer life
  • No delicate halogen bulbs required
  • Simple to fit, simple to maintain.

A non-obtrusive lighting system

If you have spent time and money ensuring that your signage looks great the last thing you want is a chunky, ugly looking light obstructing them. Our trough lighting is specifically designed for sign work:

  • troughlightingTrough lighting can be made to match the length of your existing signs
  • A slim profile ensures that the lighting blends into your building rather than standing out
  • Neat, well-designed brackets complement the sleek design of the trough lighting system.

Our trough light works up and down

With cleverly designed seals our trough light can be mounted to either shine down or up. Not all trough lighting will do this. With our system, you have the flexibility to install your lights to shine up or down without the need for any modification or additional equipment.

Whatever your requirements our trough lighting is the affordable quality solution.