Wood effect aluminium composite

The look of wood with the capabilities of aluminium composite

Our wood effect aluminium composite allows you to create the look of real wood without the expense and time-consuming finishing involved with the use of real wood.

Wood effect aluminium composite is comparable with veneered MDF but comes with a range of important benefits. Benefits which are especially important to the sign, display and allied industries.

Remember wood effect aluminium composite machines just like normal aluminium composite sheet.

Wood effect aluminium composite your benefits

Wood effect aluminium composite comes in standard 1220 x 2440mm sheets (8ft x 4ft) in a thickness of 3mm. This specification is the same as equivalent coloured and metal effect aluminium composites.

At these sheet sizes, we can build a whole host of products from wood grain aluminium composite which are a fraction of the weight of their equivalent veneered MDF or MFC equivalents.

Wood effect aluminium composite is also better for fire ratings again, there is no element of real wood in this product so it will not burn like timber-based panels.

Aluminium composite is dimensionally stable

If you use wood effect aluminium composite you don’t have to worry about movement and swelling. Aluminium composite is extremely stable across all dimensions. You won’t have to build in expansion gaps or joints.

Wood effect aluminium composite colours/ species

Wood effect aluminium sheets are available in the following colours:

Wood effect aluminium composite is light and easy to install

Just like all other aluminium composite materials, wood effects are some of the lightest rigid panels available to the sign industry. To fit wood effect aluminium composite you can take you pick from double-sided VHB (very high bond) tapes, cartridge adhesives like Gripfil. You can also use standard screws or rivets. Wood effect aluminium composites can be cut sawn and planed.

What can we make for you out of wood grain aluminium composite?

Wood effect aluminium composite can be processed on our CNC routing systems into the following:

  • Individual cut out lettering
  • Fret cut signage and panels
  • Folded sign trays
  • Fret cut sign trays
  • Folded corner pieces and covers available to your specification
  • Plinths.

Aluminium composite can be used to make free-standing structures or machined into decorative covers which sleeve over carcasses and cabinets. By routing wood effect aluminium composite with the correct tooling you can made folded structures which give the appearance of depth.

Applications for wood effect aluminium composite:

  • Signs
  • Facades
  • Interior wall cladding
  • Cover plates and columns
  • Exhibition furniture and structures
  • Shop fitting
  • Retail interiors.

If you are interested in using wood effect or stone effect aluminium sheeting please contact us.

(please note colour variations may be present between batches)

Wood effect aluminium composites with full CNC machining and fabricating facilities.