Are you protected?

What kind of warranty do you enjoy?

WarrantyThere are hundreds of suppliers all looking for your business and your money. Once your money is in their bank what peace of mind do you get?

You may be surprised to know that warranties are NOT a statutory requirement for the sign industry. A sign company does not have to guarantee their work all they have to do is make sure it is of “merchantable quality” at the time of sale that’s all.

If your expensive purchase falls apart in a few months what do you do?

Free 12 month guarantee does your current supplier give you this?

If your current supplier is not giving you a full 12-month guarantee on the products that they manufacture for you the question you need to ask yourself is “why am I still buying from them”.

If you could buy the same items at the same or lower prices AND get a proper 12 month RTB guarantee for no extra cost then you are simply not getting the most for your money.

FACT our guarantees are twice the British Sign & Graphics Association minimum.

ASK if your current supplier is not offering you a 12 month RTB guarantee the question you need to ask yourself is “why?”.

Why is a 12 month guarantee is essential for your peace of mind?

We think a 12-month guarantee is something you should expect and enjoy. There is no reason why a supplier should not back their claims and advertising with a concrete guarantee.

If you buy from a supplier who gives you a proper guarantee then you automatically get the peace of mind which comes from knowing that your supplier will stand by the products they sold you. If there is a problem you have a route to resolution which leaves neither you or your clients out on a limb.

A 12-month guarantee is a sign of quality

If the products we manufacture were simply thrown together from the cheapest materials using the fastest manufacturing techniques then the overall quality and durability would not be great.

If we are prepared to guarantee products for a full 12 months then it’s safe to assume that the materials and processes used are of the right quality.

Don’t all suppliers give a guarantee?

Proper guarantees are NOT an industry standard. If you assume you are covered by your current supplier you may well be wrong.

The sign and display industry is totally unregulated which means that quality and workmanship can vary hugely.

Our guarantee and price matching systems mean you can afford to buy from us. And we give you the price matching and guarantees you need.

Naturally, terms and conditions apply. Full details are freely available just ask for more details.

Guaranteed solutions we know our work is super quality so we prove it.