Acrylic suppliers

You can choose from a huge range of acrylic materials

acrylic suppliersAcrylics are one of the materials we have the most experience in. If you have been looking for an acrylic supplier who is able to give you far more than a simple “cut to size” service we are ready to help you.

You are not limited in your choice of acrylic material, we supply all types of acrylic from a range of leading European manufacturers.

As well as standard stock colours you can buy a full range of:

  • Tinted acrylic
  • Frosted acrylic
  • Clear acrylics up to 25mm (1 inch) thick
  • Fluorescents
  • Smoked acrylics
  • Special effect glitter and pearl acrylics
  • Pearlescent acrylics
  • Matt acrylic colours
  • Opal acrylics in various light transmission percentages.

Unlike most other acrylic suppliers you can have your acrylics precision-machined into almost any kind of shape using our in-house CNC equipment suite.

What does your current acrylic supplier offer you?

Can your acrylic supplier offer you the best range of services?

  • Do you want your acrylic cut to a specific size but your current supplier isn’t all that accurate?
  • Are you trying to find a supplier who can cut your acrylic to shape without hassle?
  • Does your current supplier use a simple saw based cutting service?
  • Is it difficult to get hold of the acrylic brand you want?
  • Are you paying a fortune for small pieces of acrylic?
  • Are you set up to cut, drill and polish your own acrylic?

These are all questions to ask yourself. If you answer YES to any one of these questions then you are using the WRONG acrylic supplier.

This is what we give you as standard:

Accurate acrylic cutting carried out on digitally controlled CNC systems no saws are used. This gives you a better, more accurate finish. Most acrylic suppliers use wall saws to cut your acrylic we used to have one so we know that CNC is so much more accurate.

Most suppliers use saws these only cut straight lines. We used routers and water jets which cut ANY shape in acrylic. If your current supplier doesn’t have these facilities you are paying for their subcontractor to cut your shapes.

One of our most popular services is simple predrilled acrylic display panels. Using CNC systems we can ensure that your holes are drilled just where you want them without chipping or breakout. This type of product is made automatically with no need for tape measures and drill bits.

You can get any brand of acrylic you want. We aren’t tied to any one manufacturer. All the major brand names are catered for: Perspex, Plexiglas, Setacryl and Altuglas. Repsol and other brands can also be supplied this is very handy if you need to match an existing acrylic installation.

Acrylic suppliers who do more

Unless you simply want to buy squares or rectangles of acrylic your current suppliers will probably have to outsource the cutting and machining of more complex shapes.

Because we machine everything in-house you can buy acrylics from us in any stage of finish you like. From routed or water jetted acrylic parts right up to complex formed and bonded acrylic structures we have all the equipment you need to get your acrylic project off the page and into a finished product.

Benefit from our acrylic buying power

Because we get through so much acrylic we get the best price possible from our suppliers. We pass the savings into you via the lowest possible prices.

With this acrylic supply service you get direct access to:

  • Grand format routing for milling, engraving and cutting
  • Grand format water jetting which will accommodate the largest 3x2m acrylic sheets.
  • State of the art UV bonding systems for crystal clear acrylic jointing
  • Line bending equipment with 600, 1200 and 2400mm capacities
  • Heat forming services
  • CAD design specifically tailored to acrylic part and structure production.
  • Acrylic polishing.

All these benefits and capabilities come as standard

I need another type of plastic!

No problem. You can buy almost any kind of plastic from us. From engineering-grade materials through to PVC and HIP. If you need a specific material just ask.

The one-stop acrylic supply option. All other types of plastic sheet material supplied and machined.