How trough lights work

Effective illumination by design

Our trough lights give you exceptional lighting from what is a neat, compact unit. Unlike other forms of sign and facade lighting, trough lights deliver a big lighting “punch” from a small light set.

With traditional wall and floodlighting you need to buy sufficient fittings to ensure an even illumination. Considering that most other forms of sign and facade lighting have a relatively small spread of light the number of fittings needed quickly rack up along with the cost.

Trough light casing

trough light side profileTrough lights are standard T8 fluorescent tubes mounted inside a specially designed aluminium extrusion. Trough lights are designed to hand above or sit below the sign or facade that needs to be illuminated. The fluorescent light is then shone up or down the desired area. By using standard fluorescent tubes rather than bulbs a trough light manages to deliver a smooth, even light in a continuous beam.

About the cutaway diagram

This cutaway diagram shows you how the component parts of the tough light are fitted into the aluminium extrusion. As you can see the component parts fit within the extrusion with the minimum of wasted space this allows the overall diameter of the trough light to be kept to a minimum.

The fluorescent control gear within our trough lights are the latest generation electronic versions. This not only delivers a more reliable light it also reduces the power consumption and greatly improves energy efficiency.

Trough lighting exploded view

The diagram below shows you how the component parts of a trough light are assembled. The aluminium extrusion is designed with various mounting channels. These support the clear covers, the internal electrics and the brackets.

trough light diagram
Trough light diagram

All trough lights are supplied fully assembled. This diagram is to show you the mechanics of the system and the way everything fits toegther.

How to remove tubes from your trough light

The fluorescent T8 tubes inside your trough lights are very reliable and need to be changed very infrequently. If you do have to replace a worn-out tube you simply need to unclip the clear cover (F). This is done by removing the end cap without the power feed. Unscrew this and the clear cover can be prised out its flexible plastic, not fragile acrylic. With the cover removed you then remove the end caps from the tube and unclip the tube (E). Clip-in a new tube and refit the end caps and cover.

If you need to replace the control gear remove the clips (D) and the polished reflector (C) can be pulled out allowing access to the control gear.

Tube changes can be carried out without removing the tough light from the wall.

Trough light power feed

Your trough light is supplied with a standard 3 core feed cable. This cable exits one of the two end caps on your light extrusion.

troughlight end capTo make fitting as easy as possible we can supply this feed cable on either the left or right-hand side of the trough light as viewed from straight ahead on the OUTSIDE of your building.

When you order your trough light we will ask you which side you would like left or right. If you work out where the nearest power supply is on your building we can build your trough light so it requires minimal cabling on your part.

Polished reflectors enhance your through light

The key element of our trough lights are the highly polished reflectors. These reflect light from the back of the tube round and down through the clear cover. This ensures that the maximum amount of light from the fluorescent tubes is used rather than being wasted.

Quite a few trough lights offered elsewhere on the web do not have this feature.

Trough lights, superior design and build quality.