Sign components

Sign component level is the most cost-effective service we offer

sign componentsThe sign components level of our trade sign manufacture service is the most cost-effective way for you to buy components and parts using the manufacturing systems we have available.

With all trade sign manufacture levels the more work you do yourself the lower the costs are.

Sign components fit at the base of our trade sign manufacturing system and are perfect for the more experienced sign buyer.

Sign components overview

Sign components are supplied at the lowest possible price. This pricing reflects the amount of labour which we need to expand in order to get your components made.

At the sign component level we expect that you have the experience and familiarity with the components you want us to make. Because you know what you are doing we feel comfortable in supplying you with all items exactly as you specify them at point of order.

Sign component level is designed to appeal to the established sign buyer who has worked on the type of products we make before. You don’t need us to assemble components or make fully finished items you just want components which you will then build up into your own signage product.

Example: in component format your flat cut Perspex lettering supplied simply as cut out lettering. Locator cup and pegs are supplied loose for you to mount up. You use your own machinery to make a paper layout template.

Example: fret cut sign trays are supplied as an unfolded flat pack. Corner plates are supplied loose for you to fix in place (hole are pre-drilled for you). Any lettering for your fret cut-outs is supplied loose for you to fix in place. Light sources are not provided. If you require lighting as a component level product you will receive lose components which you mount and wire yourself.

Sign components are cost-efficient for you and us

Sign components is a very cost-effective level of trade sign manufacture because you simply require components cut or made to your specification. This allows us to simply take your work order, make your components and ship them out quickly.

The type of things that we don’t need to do at sign component level are:

  • Glue on fixings to Perspex letters
  • Make paper templates
  • Mount fixings onto metal letters
  • Pre apply adhesive tapes
  • Fold and fix sign trays and panels
  • Assemble cut lettering onto panels
  • Wire up cases and panels
  • Supply mounting frames and supports
  • Make bespoke technical drawings
  • Carry out graphic design work
  • Explain in detail exactly how to assemble, fit or maintain components

If you have experience in our type of product manufacturing and feel confident detailing your own specifications and working the resulting components into a finished sign or display product then sign component level is the choice for you.

Can you buy at sign component level and get extra service

Sign component level is designed to be a low cost, rapid service. If you don’t need a host of extra process stages or information from us we can get your work done and dusted quickly. It is not possible to buy at the component level and then nudge up the amount of work you want us to do for you for a component level cost. For a more finished product, you need to choose the assembly level service.

All trade sign manufacturing levels have been carefully thought out and start off from the same computerised production file all that differs is the amount of labour we have to inject into each service level.

Sign component level lets you have the maximum input to your projects.