How we deliver your goods

Your goods are sent by national or international carriers to the delivery address you specify.

All delivery options are provided at a cost basis we make no mark upon any delivery charges.

Small items

Any small items will be shipped to you using a standard carrier service packed inside cardboard boxes or covering.

Large items

Large items will be palletised and sent by carrier. We use a service which acts as a broker, finding the most cost-effective transport company to handle your order.

Delicate items

Delicate items will be crated and sent by carrier or through freight quote.


Careful packaging is essential because no carrier company will handle goods carefully. If you order a delicate item it will have to be created. If we do not create your order it will arrive damaged.

If there is an extra cost for crating we will tell you in advance.

Free delivery

There is no such thing. If you order any item over the internet or by phone you either pay a separate delivery charge or the cost of delivery is hidden in the product price.

We prefer to quote the delivery cost as a separate item so you have a clear picture of the costs involved throughout.

Organizing your own collections/deliveries

We make no money on delivery or crating. If you would prefer to handle packing and delivery yourself you are more than welcome to do so.

Please remember: once a transport carrier collects your goods from us we have very little control over what happens and when exactly you will get your goods.