Sign assemblies

Assembly level trade manufacturing

sign assembliesOur sign assembly level is a step-up from the component level. With assembly level, you get a more finished product, one that requires less effort and input from you.

Assembly level is a good choice for you if you are a competent installer with experience in most aspects of on-site work.

Sign assemblies are delivered to you at a stage of manufacture which requires minimal input on your part it’s still a trade product.

Sign assemblies overview

Moving up from sign components to sign assemblies results in a product which is ready for you to install.

Example: in assembly format your Perspex lettering is fitted with locator pegs and supplied with a paper template ready for you to mark and fit.

Example: fret cut sign trays are supplied folded, glued and fastened. All lettering is pre-fitted to the sign trays and any wiring work required is carried out before despatch.

Sign assemblies are cost-efficient for you and for us

At the assembly level, you pay a little more than you would at the component level. This is cost-effective for you as you don’t have to spend time assembling and building a finished product. Sign assemblies are cost-effective for us as the slightly higher price we charge covers our labour costs involved in the completion of an assembled product.

Sign assemblies will allow you to successfully carry out types of work you may not have carried out previously.

Assembly level trade manufacturing is geared towards buyers who don’t want to work up from individual components.

Do you get everything you get a complete ready to go product?

If you are a sign maker with experience of installation work then sign assemblies are ready to go sign product.

The main difference between sign assembly level and the top fully built level is support framing and fixings.

At assembly level, you get a finished product which a competent trade buyer will have no problem installing. You don’t get support frames for items such as sign trays and you will be supplying your own fitting consumables such screws and anchor bolts. Because you have experience in sign installation you won’t need us to spell out in minutiae exactly how you fit built up lettering or a sign tray.

Sign assemblies mean less work for you and free up your time.