We only show you genuine pictures

What you see on screen is what we make

There are hundreds of sites looking for your business. Many of these use product pictures which do not represent their own work.

We think the use of pictures which do not represent your own companies ability is misleading at best. To show you what we can manufacture we think it’s essential that the pictures you see on screen are fair honest representation of our abilities.

There are no “illustrative” or “descriptive” pictures to confuse you

Sites which are not manufacturing companies will often scatter a large selection impressive-looking pictures throughout their web pages. Designed to grab your attention these pictures are accompanied by small disclaimers which state “examples of X product” or “images are for descriptive purposes only”.

Strangely this type of imagery is always of the most impressive products and in many cases show you household names which you naturally recognise.

What do “descriptive” pictures this actually mean to you?

Descriptive pictures are in our opinion meaningless and worthless. Rather than accurately reflecting the competencies of a company they are just a collection of photographs.

When a site shows you a collection of generic images you know that they cannot manufacture the product they want you to buy if they could they would easily be able to show you original pictures of their own work.

Descriptive pictures may not be designed to mislead you but this is the effect all the same.

original images are all we use
A competing site uses a photograph of a sign used by a leading national company

When you first look at this image you automatically assume that this company manufactured this sign right?

Illustrative disclaimer
Illustrative disclaimer

This small disclaimer underneath the photograph means that this image is for “illustrative” purposes only whatever that really means. What is certain is that a supplier who manufactures and photographs their own products does not need a disclaimer you will find none on our site.

We know you want to see pictures which accurately and honestly reflect the skill, expertise and ability of your potential suppliers that is why we take the time and effort to create and publish our own pictures.

Generic images the lazy way to bulk out your web site

As well as irrelevant and potentially misleading images you also need to be aware of the widespread use of generic pictures.

When you search through the internet you will have found yourself wondering why so many sites use the same images.

The answer is simple the majority of sites use pictures “borrowed” from their suppliers’ catalogues or brochures. Many of these pictures are not even photographs of real items they are photoshopped drawings.

Generic and descriptive images bridge the gap between what a supplier would like to sell you and what they actually make if you have to resort to the use of generic images it means you have no real pictures of your own to use.

Our images are not for sale

Only Smart Group sites are legally allowed to carry our picture content. You may stumble across other sites using our content illegally.

Copyright theft is a growing problem and we have already caught at least three sites using our copyrighted material without permission.

We do not sell or licence our image catalogue if you see someone else using our pictures then they have stolen them in a deliberate attempt to mislead you.

If you want a supplier with an honest, unambiguous approach to images & content then the choice is clear.