Fully built signs

Buy complete, fully built signs

The fully built signs level of our trade sign manufacturing service gives you a complete product right down to the fixing fully built signs are the top level of our trade manufacturing service and represent what are in effect retail products.

full built signsIf you have zero experience of the type of sign products we manufacture a fully built sign option gives you a complete package which involves nothing more than the installation of what comes in the box.

Fully built signs overview

Fully built signs are box ready products. If you specify a full built level of production we deliver a complete sign or display product which is tailored to a novice or non-sign industry level of experience.

If you want the easiest possible buying experience then a fully built product allows you to do as little as possible in order to get a quality sign delivered to your door in an easy to fit manner.

Fully built products are created differently

One of the biggest plus point for our tiered trade sign manufacturing service is that it clearly identifies what our customers expect from us. If you specify a fully built sign product we know by default that you need us to design and build your order in a “novice” friendly way.

With component and assembly level we know that our customers are experienced in the sign trade so we can have confidence that what is delivered under these two levels is suitable.

For fully built signs we assume that our customers have no prior experience and need products which are designed to be as easy to use a possible. At fully built level we make extra decisions at the design and production stages based on the ease of installation our customers need to experience.

Fully built signs are a complete kit

As a fully built sign, we design and build support frames and fixtures so the customer only has to work on an ABC fitting strategy. All parts of the fully built sign order are created to fit together simply in a logical sequence.

Any signage or display incorporating illumination are supplied as fully made, fully wired products. All that customers need do is connect to a mains power source. As nearly every illuminated sign or display product we create is based around our LED products nearly all lighting inside a fully built sign runs at a safe, simple to work 12v DC.

Full instructions are supplied with fully built signs as are screws, anchors, rawlplugs and all other consumables applicable to each project.

Example: fret cut sign trays are supplied folded, glued and plated. All lettering and graphics are mounted onto display panels. Back trays and/ or support frames are produced to match the display part of the sign system. All lighting is mounted and wired back to transformers. Additional cabling and components are produced and packed ready for installation on the building. Screws, anchors and other components are packed into an installation “kit”. Installation notes are provided as are free telephone and email support.

Fully built extra services

If you opt for a fully built sign you automatically qualify for assistance with any graphic design work you need in order to achieve the best results. We also provide a complementary technical drawing service which gives you the option of receiving bespoke illustrations and diagrammatic drawings, tailored to your job. Our drawings clearly explain how components and systems work and detail why certain materials are recommended. We can also provide different construction options and material choices. If you require assistance with planning applications we can produce detailed drawings with full specification lists and relevant planning consent data.

Engineering and structural calculations

Under the fully built sign level, we will also assist you with engineering and structural calculation work. For a small additional charge, we will commission our structural engineers to produce a full set of designs and plans which take into account the relevant wind loading and structural loadings applicable to sign structures and fixtures. Once engineering drawings and calculations are completed we will use this data to manufacture your project.

On certain projects and types of signage, we will not manufacture signage unless a structural engineers report has been produced. Safety and quality are the two key criteria and we may decline orders if we are unable to ensure that these two factors are designed into a project right from the start.

Most standard signing projects do not require engineering reports but large, heavy or free-standing signage may need to be calculated.

Fully built and fully fitted

Fully built signs can also be fully fitted by our approved installation contractors. This means you have no direct input in production or installation whatsoever everything is done for you.

Our installation contractors have worked with us on many different projects. They understand our products and we rate their install work at the highest possible level.

Fully built, fully fitted is suitable for anyone wishing to simply place an order and have no physical input from then onwards.

Fully built signs are retail-ready solutions supplied in “out of the box format” Full fitting service by experienced installers can also be arranged nationwide.