The process of buying sign lettering

A simple, affordable way to buy sign lettering

To buy sign lettering you simply need to email us the design of lettering you wish us to make. Once you have sent us your design we will reproduce your sign lettering in any material you want.

We can supply standard typefaces in almost any design. If you are not able to create a design on a computer, you can either fax us a sketch of what you would like or alternatively you can tell us the style and size of sign lettering you need.

The process of buying sign lettering file creation

The process of file creation is pretty simple. Simply draw your sign lettering to size. Ensure your lettering has a minimum or hairline line thickness and no fill.

Once you have done this you then need to convert the on-screen lettering to curves. In CorelDraw the keyboard shortcut for this is CTRL Q. You need to convert your lettering to curves because we might not have the exact typeface you are looking for on our systems in which case our software will try and substitute for the next nearest typeface.

Explain your fixing surface

If you tell us what surface you are fixing to wood, brick, metal etc. We can guide you towards the most suitable fixing system. If you are fixing onto ribbed metal cladding you need to tell us the measurement between the peaks this allows us to mount any fixings in the correct locations in relation to your cladding.

Efficient, fast delivery

All sign lettering orders are shipped as quickly as possible. We hold a large amount of stock material so many lettering projects can be started very quickly.

The process of buying sign lettering is quick and easy.