Terms and conditions

All orders placed with SG Manufacturing are done so on the basis that you are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions.

If you are not willing or able to agree to our terms and conditions then we will not be able to carry out any work for you.

The most important terms you need to know about

a) Payment. We do not provide credit to anyone unless terms have been approved in writing in advance. Please do not assume that we will start work on your order without payment of our pro forma invoice(s) we won’t.

b) Time. Until payment of our pro forma invoice(s) is made no work on any order will start.

c) Deadlines. If you are late paying our pro forma invoice(s) your order will be delivered late. Every day which is lost waiting for your payment eats into your deadline.

d) Your cutting files. If you send us a computer file to be used as the specification for cut parts it is your responsibility to make sure that the file you send is accurate and represents exactly what you want us to cut. If your file contains errors these will be transferred into the finished part (we always check for errors but it is not always possible to catch them before cutting).

Download a full copy of our terms and conditions

A full copy of our terms and conditions are available as a PDF download using the link below.

Our terms and conditions are applicable to all orders.