Detailing your trade sign manufacturing work

The devil is in the details

Detailing your trade sign manufacturing work is the most important task you need to carry out. Without the right level of detail, we are grasping in the dark, trying to second guess exactly what you want to achieve and how you want us to deliver a finished product.

detailing your trade sign workDetailing your trade sign manufacturing work correctly helps us get a full picture of what you expect from us.

Trade sign manufacturing is not a silver bullet solution where we take over your project and deliver a finished result without you having to do anything. We make a myriad of products for a huge variety of customers. No one job is ever exactly the same as a previous project so we need you to paint a clear picture of what it is you require from us.

Detailing the right dimensions

Dimensional data is critical. You need to supply us with accurate sizes in the millimetre unit of measurement.

Please do not use centimetres we work exclusively in metres and millimetres and it is easy to make mistakes switching to and from cm & mm. If you supply imperial measurements these will be converted to metres and millimetres.

If you have obstructions on your installation surfaces or you need to fit specific cladding patterns we need this data.

The more measurement data you supply the clearer the picture becomes for us.

Detailing the most cost-effective colours

We work in Perspex, aluminium composite and other rigid materials. The colours available are dictated by the manufacturers of these materials. Unlike vinyl film and printed output, there is little chance of matching Pantone numbers to standard stock sheet colours.

Pantone and fancy colours can be recreated but the costs to you and your clients will rise. If you can use a standard colour it becomes cheaper and easier for everyone.

If we paint or powder coat in the course of your project we will be using RAL paint colours. Pantone and other colour systems are not used in the painting and coating industries where RAL reigns supreme. If you don’t have RAL charts we have them for sale at a low cost.

Detailing within sheet material dimension

Sheet materials are manufactured in a range of stock sizes. If you can keep these dimensions in mind when designing signage for your customers you can avoid having to step up to costly custom sizes and avoid the problem of production of your design being impossible.

When detailing pan type signs in aluminium you must remember to include the width of any returns in the flat surface area of your sign. For example: 3m x 1.5m trays with 100mm returns will not fit from a standard sheet size.

Detailing an accurate picture of the whole job

When you supply us with details of your projects please remember that we have no idea of what you want to achieve save the information you provide.

If we receive vague or patchy information about your job and your requirements we can’t help you as much as we would like. We love working on projects where we have plenty of background information and where the information supplied to us creates a very clear picture of what our customer expects from us. Remember, just because something is obvious to you it may not be obvious to us.

Don’t worry about supplying too much information for us there is no such thing as too much detail.

By offering a tiered trade sign manufacturing service we can cater for all levels of detailing. If you don’t want to waste time on the details give us the basics this ties in with sign component level production.

Detailing your trade sign manufacturing work helps us meet your expectations.