Built-up Perspex logos

Logos built into 3D using Perspex

If you need your logo built-up from Perspex we have the facilities to accurately machine and assemble your logo from any colour of acrylic material.

built up perspex logos
Built-up perspex logos

This built-up Perspex logo is fitted with internal white LED modules.

Built-up Perspex logos construction

Built-up Perspex logos are designed using the latest, sophisticated CAD software. We first machine the display face of the logo. All display faces have a lip machined onto the rear. This lip is designed to allow the sidewall to mate “under” the display face. Manufacturing your built-up Perspex logos in this way ensures you get a nice, flush finish on the display face.

The other method of mating the display face to the sidewall is to machine a slot down the length of the sidewall. When the sidewall is formed around the logo perimeter it traps the face into the slot. The drawback to this method is that your display face must have a raised lip above it a perfect place for dirt and debris to collect.

We think the lip strategy we employ makes for a better built up Perspex logo.

All faces are machined from 5 mm thick Perspex for a stronger finish.


Built-up Perspex logo sidewalls are constructed from 3mm Perspex. Each sidewall is precisely machined with scored bend points automatically placed in the correct location. By utilising scored bend points you can achieve a neater, more accurate set of bends.

The machined sidewall is then formed to follow the perimeter of the 5 mm logo face.

Built-up Perspex logos solid jointing

The two sections of your built-up Perspex logo are securely held in temporary clamps whilst we apply crystal clear acrylic cement to securely lock the two-component parts together.

We only use approved acrylic cements as specified by Perspex and Plexiglas.

Built-up Perspex logos colours available

You can specify your built-up Perspex logos in virtually any colour or finish of Perspex. If you require backlighting please ensure you pick an acrylic which is suitable for this task, not every colourway can be backlit.

Built-up Perspex logos can be made with matched face and sidewall colours or in contrasting colours. Opal Perspex built up logos can also be manufactured ready for you to apply cut translucent vinyls or digitally printed backlit films.

Built-up Perspex logos with integral LED illumination

If you want to illuminate your built-up Perspex logos we can manufacture matched LED back trays. Made from 10 or 20 mm White foam PVC material these back trays are fixed to the rear of the Perspex built-up ready for installation.

Only quality branded acrylic are used for built-up logo work

Our standard branded range of acrylic materials are from the Perspex and Plexiglas range. Cast acrylic is preferable but built-up logos can be made from extruded acrylic if this is what your specification requires.

The use of quality acrylic is critical as these ranges have superior colour tones and illuminate properly.

perspex material
Perspex material

Perforated built-up stainless steel lettering, a unique product which allows you even more 3D lettering options.