Fret cut sign trays

Turns your sign tray into an effective illuminated sign

Standard sign trays give you a solid panel which can be decorated with cut vinyl or Perspex lettering as well as digitally printed images.

Fret cutting involves machining letters and shapes out of your sign tray allowing you to illuminate through these openings.

fret cut sign trays
Fret cut sign trays

This panel of white composite has been fret cut to allow blue perspex lettering to fill the cutouts. When you place lights behind this type of sign tray the lettering will light up blue (note: protective carrier film is still in place on this photo.

For finishing you can choose from wet spray or powder coating. Aluminium sign trays can also be made in fret cut format for illuminated sign work.

fret cut sign tray
Fret cut sign tray

Fret cut sign trays in real metals

 If you want fret cut sign trays in aluminium or stainless steel we can make these too.

Large format water jet systems mean we can make sign trays from even the largest sheets of metal.

All sign trays we supply to you are manufactured using CNC for better results.

Fret cut sign trays for super illuminated signage.