Hardboard stencils

Low-cost marking

Hardboard stencils are perfect for all types of stencilling which you carry out indoors.

One of the most popular applications for hardboard stencils is packaging and crate marking.

hardboard stencils
Hardboard stencils

Cost-effective stencils

Because hardboard is a low-cost sheet material your stencils will, by default pay a low price for them. Hardboard is a great material for stencil projects as it holds detail very well. This means that characters or logos cut out of the hardboard sheet stay sharp and defined.

Hardboard stencils can be made in two ways:

Hardboard stencils can be machined using either CNC routers or waterjet. For small text or complex designs waterjet is the best option to use using a jet of water less than 1mm wide it is possible to create that sharp detail you are looking for.

We use quality hardboard in 8ft x 4ft sheets. Starting from this size of blank material it’s easy to make stencils right up to jumbo, full sheet sizes.

Typical applications for hardboard stencils:

  • Shipping stencils handling instructions
  • Packaging stencils corporate logos and contact details
  • Part numbering for construction and fabrication
  • Plant and machinery branding.

Hardboard stencils will allow you many repetitions but will eventually start to clog with overspray. For easy clean, lifetime stencilling aluminium stencils are a better option.

Other stencil options:

Hardboard stencils are your entry-level option providing coverage for day to day stencil projects. Hardboard does not like moisture so you might want to consider aluminium stencils or PVC stencils if you want to use your stencils outdoors.