LED Rope

Professional quality LED rope

led ropeLed rope is the viable alternative to neon border lighting. In the past, if you wanted to use straight a curved lighting on buildings or around signs you were forced to use expensive, delicate neon.

With neon rope, you can create the same effect for less than neon whilst working at safe low voltages.

We need to be clear our LED rope is NOT the same as the cheap product available in DIY stores and electrical stores. Our neon rope delivers smooth, even light.

LED rope how it works

LED rope is manufactured as a sealed unit capable of being used outside. Our neon rope is an opaque white/ blue colour when not illuminated. When power is applied to the LED rope installation it will create a white or coloured light. 

Our LED rope does not consist of a clear coil filled with spaced diodes.

LED rope is a proven, durable way to install neon-like border and perimeter lighting.

LED rope neon appearance at safer voltages

Neon border strips have to be powered with high voltages just like any other neon product.

This neon rope runs at a safe 24v DC so you can eliminate costly wiring and fire switches.

When illuminated our neon rope delivers a smooth, even lighting effect which simulates the look of proper neon for less money and no hassle.

LED rope how can you buy it?

led rope cut pointWe buy our LED rope in drums of 50m. The design of LED neon rope allows for cutting at 75mm intervals allowing you to tailor lengths to suit your installation requirements.

Straight runs and curves can easily be achieved LED rope is flexible by design.

Because LED rope is by nature a pliable product you can follow round curved perimeters or create complex shapes easily.

LED rope is available in these colours:

led rope colours
LED rope colours
led rope examples
LED rope examples

Due to the limitations of digital photography these pictures of illuminated LED rope don’t do real justice to the smooth, even illumination of the product in real life.

LED rope light the professional alternative to neon.