Metal effect lettering

The look of metal lettering for less

Metal effect lettering gives you the ability to use a variety of stylish metals without the cost involved with the use of real metal. Available in a wide range of effects this material is lightweight and is suitable for interior ANY exterior projects.

Our customers love metal effect lettering because it gives them an affordable way of creating dynamic and attractive signage and displays.

What exactly are these metal effect letters made from?

Metal effect lettering is made from aluminium composite. This is most commonly referred to as “Dibond”. When this type of composite material was first brought to the market it went under the brand name “Dibond” which is now used as a generic name to describe this material a bit like how we all call a vacuum cleaner a “Hoover”. Some suppliers call this “Dibond” which we don’t really understand. When the Alcan corporation invented this type of material they specifically called it “Dibond”.

The material itself is made up of a central plastic core which is faced with a thin aluminium “skin” on either side. This aluminium skin is pre-finished in a range of attractive metal effects and solid colours.

When you might use metal effect lettering

Metal and metal effect lettering is very popular. People like the impact and “classic” look which metal colours and effects give. You can use metal effect lettering anywhere you might use Perspex or other rigid, flat cut lettering. Because the material is outdoor durable you can decide to use metal effect lettering for wall-mounted signs or as part of a sign tray or box type sign.

This metal effect material CAN be made into sign trays and panels which give you the look of a real metal sign without the cost or weight. This type of sign tray product is naturally something we can do for you.

Standard metal effects available

steel metal effect lettering
chrome metal effect lettering
gold effect metal lettering
brushed bronze metal effect letters

These are the standard range of metal effects available. The most popular is the Brushed Silver which is also referred to as “Butler finish”. Our favourite is the Brushed Bronze effect which is a really nice, deep colour.

Does your current supplier REALLY understand this type of material?

This type of metal effect material has it’s own peculiarities and techniques which need to be employed in order to get the best results from it. We have spent a lot of time and effort researching, testing and perfecting our machining techniques and have made it our business to understand how this type of metal effect material interacts with fixing systems and adhesives.

Do you know? There are two types of mirror finish aluminium composite. One is strictly for INTERIOR use only. This is the type of thing we need to know if we are to offer you the right level of service.

If you have bought metal effect lettering previously and have not been thrilled with the results don’t dismiss this material for future projects. We can show you how to get the most from all types of Dibond style aluminium composite.

For metal effect lettering and panels we have the service you need at a price which makes sense.