Painted foamex letters and logos

Painted foamex letters are a great way of creating durable exterior signage. Use painted foamex letters and you have a PVC plastic lettering product which can’t swell or delaminate; it’s perfect for exterior projects with lots of cut edges.

painted foamex letters
Painted foamex letters

Painted foamex lettering gives you an economical way of delivering 3D lettering in any RAL or PANTONE colour. If budgets don’t reach far enough for built-up lettering then painted foamex fills the gap.

The key with all painted letters is the final finish. If the end result looks the business then the actual material your lettering is made from really doesn’t matter. As long as the final finish is top-notch and durable you can achieve super looking sign and display products which look far more expensive than they actually are.

Painted foamex letters don’t have to have porous edges and don’t have to look “cheap”. Prepare and paint cut foamex properly and the results transform this basic raw material into something a bit special.

Many thicknesses

Painted foamex lettering all starts life as a sheet of raw foam PVC sheet. Recently we’ve been able to bolster our range of foamex sheet to include a wider spread of thicknesses.

painted foamex lettering
Painted foamex lettering

You can now specify your painted Foamex letters in 5,6,10,15,19 and 30mm thicknesses. If you want to go even thicker we can laminate up to almost any depth. The quality of foam PVC sheet varies widely, we’ve found that many brands are low quality and packed with cheap fillers. To get great paint finishes we always make sure your project starts with the best raw materials. Extensive tests have been carried out on numerous brands of foamex PVC, we know the one we use gives the best paint finish.

Be creative

Using painted foamex letters gives you the opportunity to explore a far wider colour palette than you might be used to. With acrylic and composite lettering you are limited to a set of standard colours. With painted foamex lettering you options are totally open. Whether you need a standard RAL or PANTONE colour or a fancy metallic finish our specialist spray painting service gives you all the design options you’ll ever need.

yellow painted foamex letters
Yellow painted foamex letters

Your letters are painted with the best quality industrial paints which give you the best possible finish.

More options

Why limit yourself to simple flat cut foamex letters when there are lots of other options open to you?

Painted foamex letters don’t have to be a simple flat cut design. You can have bevelled, rounded and carved letters all manufactured from foamex and sprayed to suit.

carved foamex letters painted gold
Carved foamex letters painted gold

If you are looking for a halo lighting effect why not use our specially developed letter system? Manufactured from any thick substrate our inexpensive led letters are designed to accommodate led lighting modules in a neat, professional way. With our own specialised spray painting system available you can have halo illuminated foamex letters which look the business.