Polystyrene letters, plain and painted

Polystyrene letters are the first product most people think of when they need lightweight promotional products. Polystyrene letters are the obvious choice because polystyrene is a cost-effective and lightweight material.

polystyrene letters
Polystyrene letters

If you are looking for polystyrene letters we offer you a range of options which most other suppliers do not. These will allow you to create the type of polystyrene letters which are exactly what you had in mind.

Two cutting methods

a polystyrene letterPolystyrene letters are usually cut using a hot wire system. This type of cutting involves dragging a heated wire through a block of polystyrene. As the heated wire moves through the block it cuts a clean shape. This way of cutting polystyrene works well. The only problem comes when you need to cut a letter which has an independent centre, letters like A, B, P, O etc.

Wire cutting cannot produce independent centres because of the way the heated wire is dragged through the polystyrene. This means that any polystyrene letters made with hot wire will have a cut which links the outside of a letter to the centre and back out again.

To overcome this problem we also offer a pure water cutting approach. This method involves punching through polystyrene sheet with an ultra high-pressure jet of cold water. Because the jet of water can be programmed to fire and rest it is possible to cut polystyrene letters with true independent centres.

With both production methods available we give you a real choice as to how your letter is made and the final effect you will get.


Polystyrene letters can be spray finished to any colour you need using our dedicated spray painting service.

For standard polystyrene letters, water-based paints are safe to use. Solvent and industrial paints will melt the material so you are limited to water-based paints only.


Polystyrene letters can be made stronger and smoother using special water-based paint products.

Using this type of paint on your polystyrene letters helps to achieve a more durable, smoother finish.

Quality materials

Polystyrene for letter and logo production work is available in standard and high-density versions which allows you to choose between a basic or a higher quality material.

With sheet and block polystyrene available there are virtually no limits to the thickness or size of your polystyrene letters.

polystyrene lettering
Polystyrene lettering

All polystyrene letter projects are manufactured from your own designs to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.