Self-adhesive stencils

Stick on stencils which are simple and effective

Self-adhesive stencils are cut from rolls of self-adhesive vinyl material. This creates a stencil which can be stuck onto almost any surface.

All our self-adhesive stencils are made using the correct Paint Mask material for the best results. Normal self-adhesive vinyl is not the right material to use.

It is important to make sure you are buying the right Paint Mask based self-adhesive stencils normal vinyl gives poor results.

Pre spaced and ready to apply

All self-adhesive stencils come with a disposable “carrier tape”. This has a low tack adhesive and is tuck over the face of your stencil.

This carrier tape keeps your stencil spaced and is essential for successful installation.

Where to use self-adhesive stencils

Self-adhesive stencils will adhere to most smooth surfaces:

  • Painted or unpainted metal
  • MDF and laminated boards
  • Painted walls
  • Concrete floors.

This type of stencil is disposable you can only use each stencil once. We sell large numbers of self-adhesive stencils to companies as well as domestic buyers this type of stencil product is great for interior decor and design.

How to paint through your self-adhesive stencils

Self-adhesive stencils are very thin a few microns in fact. This lets you use rollers, brushes or spray paints as the marking medium.

Self-adhesive stencils can be made up to 900mm wide by virtually any length. Larger widths are created in tiled panels.