Sign and display spay painting service

Our NEW sign and display spray painting service is designed specifically for customers who want a ready to go solution; not just a pile of raw shapes or panels. Lots of sites offer plain MDF or PVC lettering and sign components we give you that all-important spray paint finishing solution.

With a professional standard sign and display spray painting service available on an in-house basis, we can help save time and money whilst opening up the practical use of new materials. Spray painted sign letters and display panels can be sourced quickly and cost-effectively using the specialised, dedicated service we now offer.

spray painted sign letters
Spray painted sign letters

These are simple MDF letters spray-painted red and gold using tough wearing industrial paints. These are the type of results you can expect when simple raw material components are painted to the right standard using the right type of paints.

These letters are 18mm thick MDF. Conventional sign and display substrates such as acrylic or foam PVC don’t offer you the same thickness or colour options. If you had to supply this type of sign lettering spray finishing is the ideal, cost-effective solution.

You can…

A sign and display spray painting service allows you to say “yes” to more types of work. You can use inexpensive standard raw materials such as MDF and PVC to create a look and feel which conventional pre-coloured sheet materials can’t.

With a massive colour range and a number of special paint effects you can deliver signage and displays which simply aren’t possible using standard pre-coloured substrates.

sign and display spray painting
Sign and display spray painting

Spray finishing gives you the ability to create signage and displays in different materials and allows you to offer a whole new set of value for money solutions. You can use basic raw materials to create stunning and very effective results. If you are under price pressure then spray finishing gives you the ability to explore different materials and more cost effective solutions.

spray painted sign
Spray painted sign

Huge colour choice

Many sign and display projects involve specific Pantone colours. Self-adhesive vinyl and acrylic have limited scope for accurate matching. Sign and display spray painting allows you to use virtually any Pantone colour without a huge minimum order or large price premium. Spray finishing is the most cost-effective way to match to Pantone colours.

signs and displays spray painted to any colour
Signs and displays spray painted to any colour

You can buy specific Pantone colours in paint quantities as low as one litre. To achieve the same colour match in acrylic or self-adhesive vinyl entails far more cost and a much longer lead time. A little paint goes a long way so your costs are kept low.

Pantone and RAL colours can be sourced in many different types of paint, this gives the same colour options across many different materials. If you need Pantone for MDF or PVC the right kind of paint for each material is easily available.

The complete solution

With the addition of a specialist sign and display spray painting service, we can now offer you a complete “all in one” package. We can produce blanks in the raw material of your choice and then process them through our specialist painting system so you can take delivery of a complete, ready to go product.

spray painted displya panelsOur aim has always been to give you the best contract/ private label manufacturing service on the internet. Sign and display spray painting is another service designed to make your life easier.

All our spray finishing is carried out on the premises. This gives tight quality control and ensures ultra-competitive prices. If your current supplier sends your projects out for sub-contract spray finishing then you are paying more than you need to.

Specialist coatings

Unlike many suppliers offering a painting service to the sign and display industries we give you access to a huge range of different paint products and painting techniques.

From water-based acrylics through to cellulose, polyurethane, enamel and two-pack automotive paints we let you choose the most suitable paint product for your application.

If you’ve struggled to find an affordable sign and display spray painting service we have the perfect solution ready and waiting.