Sign trays

Affordable sign trays in aluminium and composite

Sign trays are the modern cost-effective way to create signage of all sizes. With sign trays, you can achieve a strong, lightweight sign which outperforms traditional frame and panel signs.

an illuminated sign tray
An illuminated sign tray

This picture shows you a Matt Black sign tray decorated with 5mm red frosted acrylic lettering. The tray also has 20mm thick clear Perspex letters topped off with water-jet cut mirror finish stainless steel faces. All the lettering and the logo are designed to illuminate.

This type of illuminated sign tray is one of our exclusive eco-friendly, low power LED products. The lighting for this sign tray is contained behind the main panel and uses a safe 12v DC power source. With this unique manufacturing method, you don’t have to bother with a bulky back tray everything is built-in.

How we make your trays

All sign trays are precision machined on our suite of CNC machinery. This ensures that your product is accurate and fits neatly over the supporting frame or existing lightbox.

Some suppliers will sell you flat aluminium composite panels to slide into sign frames or lightboxes. This is in our view plain crazy. This type of material is specifically designed for sign tray work. The end results are better and the whole point of aluminium composite is that it’s perfect for sign trays. You can only assume that some suppliers don’t understand this material and don’t know how to work it properly.

sign trays
Sign trays

Aluminium composite sign trays

These sign trays are manufactured from 3mm thick composite material a plastic core faced on both sides with aluminium.

Using specialised tooling we take a flat sheet of composite and score in fold lines these allow the material to be folded into the required shape. Corners are built into the composite sign trays using our special lapped joint technique.

sign tray example
Red and yellow sign trays

Composite sign trays have the benefit of being pre-coloured and allow you to achieve the most cost-effective sign tray solution.

Solid aluminium sign trays

For larger sign trays we switch to solid 3mm aluminium sheet. The basic shape is cut using water jet with dressed corner cut-outs. The sign tray blank is the press folded and the corners TIG welded.

For finishing you can choose from wet spray or powder coating. Aluminium sign trays can also be made in fret cut format for illuminated sign work.

Sign tray manufacturers
Sign tray manufacturers

Why you need to use this system as your default method of signing

Sign trays offer you all the benefits:

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Less prone to “blow out” and other wind damage.
  • Extremely durable
  • Sleek, modern appearance
  • Versatile use- from non illuminated to illuminated, flush vinyl or raised acrylic lettering
  • Factory-applied colouration for maximum performance.

Switch to this product for better results

If you are still using frame and panel sign (panatrims) it is time to change. Frame and panel types of sign are old hat and simply don’t look or perform as well as a sign tray-based system.

Sign trays need not cost the earth and deliver a far superior result.

Tray sign for a factory
Simple tray-based sign for a factory

This sign is a Gloss White sign tray with fret cut circles which are backed with Navy Blue Perspex. The DES letters are cut from contrasting light Blue and Navy Blue Perspex which are mounted away from the sign tray surface using standard cup and peg fixings. The tag line is simple self-adhesive vinyl.

This picture shows just what you can do with our sign tray system.

Not all suppliers are the same

Whenever someone buys a routing machine they always advertise to the trade that they can make this type of product.

It has been our experience that this type of sign making is not as simple as a lot of people think. To get a quality finish you need to carefully plan each project and use carefully created methods in order to get the right results.

It’s our business to deliver the best product we can and we feel our service is superior to the vast majority of the competition.

Price matching available

Put us to the test and see if we can better the price you have been quoted elsewhere.

All you need to do is send us the quotes you want us to match or beat and we will work hard to give you the best value for money.

To make this type of sign efficiently we have refined all the individual manufacturing process so that production is carried out in the most cost-effective manner.

Push through and fret cut letters and logos are all part of the service

No matter what type of material you opt for we are able to machine accurate fret cuts and supply the accompanying face letters and logo shapes.

A process of testing and evaluation has led to a means of letter mounting which we feel is superior to the industry norm. Secure fixing of the face letters is crucial as is a tidy appearance without visible glued joints.

Clear/coloured Perspex letter systems for the appearance of “depth” can be created for you with the minimum of fuss and expense. You can also have raised Perspex graphics pre installed.

We are ready to help you get the best from this type of product.

Sign trays of all shapes and sizes made to your specification.