Stone lettering

All types of stone cut into lettering

Real stone lettering is something which a lot of suppliers cannot offer. To cut stone you need special machinery which most sign suppliers just don’t have.

Stone cutting is something our water jet machinery handles with ease so we can offer you easy access to the world of cut stone and ceramics.

stone lettering
Stone lettering

What kind of stone lettering can you have

In terms of letter style and size, the world is pretty much your oyster. Our machinery handles big lettering and small lettering with the same ease.

Because we work from your own computer design files you can tell us what style of stone lettering you want rather than having to pick from a range of letter styles we give you. This makes it easier to get the stone lettering you really want.

What kind of stone can you have

The good news is that our machinery really doesn’t care what type of stone it cuts. Almost every type of stone available in the UK can be cut you don’t even have to use natural stone. If you wanted to make lettering out of concrete slabs or tiles we can cut these materials for you.

ceramic stone lettering
Ceramic stone lettering

These are ceramic letters cut from a stone finish tile. With an overall capital letter height of less than 30mm, this gives you a clear idea of the great results you can expect, even in hard to cut stone and ceramic substrates.

Most people who want stone lettering usually want these:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Portland stone

If you want a specific type of stone there should not be a problem cutting it.

stone letters
Stone letters

We don’t only cut stone lettering

Stone lettering is one facet of our cutting capabilities. Stone material can be cut into virtually any shape you like. If you draw the file we will do our best to cut it.

Stone is a natural material so you should expect some variation in colour and marbling effects. Nature makes the raw material.

If you want stone and stainless steel combinations we cut both materials. Inlays and fret cutting is all part of our service.

Stone lettering and shape cutting is part of our wide range of services.