Troughlight brackets

A range of trough light brackets are available

We offer you a range of trough light brackets. As standard we supply straight brackets with a reach of 200mm. This distance is perfect for most trough light installations.

Some customers need longer brackets to overcome ledges, guttering or other obstructions. To cater for this we have a range of different bracket lengths which overcome most installation requirements. Non-standard brackets are subject to a small additional cost no more than a few pounds.

All brackets can be colour coded to match your tough light extrusion.

troughlight brackets
Troughlight brackets

Trough light bracket diagram

This diagram shows you the standard 200mm bracket normally supplied. Next to it is a longer 300m version. Both these trough light brackets are the straight version with an L shape. The curved bracket shown allows you to “lift” the tough light casing which is useful if you need to overcome an obstruction. The curved brackets are also a little more elegant.

Trough lighting brackets. Why they are important?

The brackets on any trough lighting system are one of the most important components. With a well-designed trough light bracket system you should have the facility to tilt and “aim” your trough light casing.

adjustable trough light bracketsThe ability to “aim” your trough light is crucial. Cheap, fixed angle trough lights do not allow you to alter the angle of the light generated. This means that once the trough light is fixed to the wall the lighting effect you get cannot be changed.

With tilting brackets you are able to move the trough light casing through an arc this lets you fine-tune how your trough light works in relation to your sign.

In our experience, every trough light installation is slightly different and almost every light installation can be improved upon IF you have the ability to move the beam of light generated by a trough light.

The ability to “aim” your trough light also allows you to experiment getting the perfect light spread simply by adjusting a few nuts. Deeper signs generally need to be aimed at a shallower angle whilst narrow signs can be given a more acute angle.

troughlight bracket lengths
Troughlight bracket lengths

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