MDF lettering

MDF lettering and logos at great prices

MDF is a great material for lettering and logos. Unlike other wood-based panel material MDF doesn’t have a grain structure so you can achieve a perfectly flat paint finish.

mdf letteringProperly painted MDF lettering and logo shapes are hard to spot as being made for MDF this is great if you want the convenience and cost of MDF but like the idea of creating lettering which looks like it’s made from more expensive material.

If you want precise MDF shapes and parts we can produce these for you too. You can choose MDF up to 50mm thick in any type. You can also get veneered MDF, chipboard and other timber boards machined into shapes, parts, logos or letters. Our CNC routing systems will accurately machine MDF into any shape you need.

What type of MDF lettering is available to you

You can choose from all types of MDF in all thicknesses. Our systems machine all kinds of MDF materials so your choice for lettering and logos is limited only to the MDF material we can source.

mdf lettering mounted on a sign panel
MDF lettering mounted on a sign panel

Most MDF lettering jobs we carry out are for interior and point of sale work. For this application, relatively cheap MDF sheet can be used and a fairly simple paint process is all that is required.

A key feature of all our MDF work is the extremely clean cutting and the sharp, mark-free edges. Customers who switch to our service have been surprised at the superior quality cutting we offer. 

What type of MDF do we recommend?

If you need MDF lettering and logo shapes for interior work we recommend Green Moisture Resistant MDF as by far the best type of MDF to use. In our experience, this grade of MDF is much more machine friendly and cuts without the “fluffing” which is standard with basic MDF.

mdf lettersFor exterior work a good quality exterior grade MDF is the only option. For exterior MDF lettering following the correct paint procedure is critical. If you don’t paint exterior MDF lettering properly you will have problems later on.

For extreme situations Tricoya MDF is the go to product with outstanding durability and dimensional stability allowing it to be used in applications once limited to products such as concrete, plastics or metals. With the added benefits of light weight, sustainable raw materials and a guarantee of up to 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground.

The combination of acetylated wood fibre means it may now be used in situations and applications where normal MDF panels cannot. Tricoya is made using a high-performance resin which has zero added formaldehyde in its formulation, ensuring the product is suitable for environmentally sensitive areas.

Painting interior MDF lettering

To get a perfect, flat paint finish on interior MDF lettering you need to pay close attention to sealing the cut edges of each letter. When you cut MDF you expose the inside of the MDF sheet which is never as hard or as flat at the board face.

painted mdf letters
Painted MDF letters

We recommend that each cut edge is lightly sanded to remove “fluff”. A first coat of MDF primer should be painted onto the cut edges. When this is dry you need to sand again the first paint coat will bring up the fibres of the MDF.

Once you have the edges primed and flattened you can then prime the faces and the sides before you apply a topcoat. If all this sounds like too much hassle we now offer a professional painting service in house.

Painting exterior MDF lettering

Exterior MDF lettering needs to be painted very carefully so that all parts of the MDF are sealed properly. As a general rule, you need to prime each letter with at least two coats of paint.

painted mdf lettering
Painted MDF lettering

The top coating of exterior MDF lettering is normally an industrial or automotive paint which gives the best finish.

We now provide a complete in house spray finishing service for all MDF substrates.

Follow this link for more details of our sign and display spray painting service. 

Is MDF lettering cheap?

Our preferred types of MDF moisture resistant for internal and exterior for external work are not expensive. Typically the cost of bare, unpainted MDF lettering is not very high which is why so many sites are keen to get your business.

Where MDF lettering can start to get more expensive is when you need a properly panted solution, not just a pile of raw MDF letter shapes. This is where our specially developed painting service gives you the advantage.

painted mdf sign panels
Painted MDF sign panels

We offer you a specialist paint  MDF painting service at really affordable prices. You can get a fully finished, ready to install solution without hassle or huge expense. Using commercial paint products in any RAL or Pantone colour gives you the kind of MDF letter service you’ve been looking for.

If you want to avoid the need for painting bare MDF parts then simply chose a supplier who gives you more.

Bare MDF lettering and fully painted solutions. All other types of MDF routing and shaping are always available to you.