Plywood lettering

Plywood lettering for internal and external use

Plywood lettering is ideal for internal or external applications. Using a variety of quality plywood species it’s possible to recreate almost any letter style or logo shape.

plywood lettering examples
Plywood lettering examples

This lettering is machined from 25mm thick Marine plywood ready for painting or staining. If you need letters or logos like this simply email us your computer files and we will cut your plywood exactly to your requirements.

What type of plywood can you use for your lettering?

Almost any type of plywood can be cut for you. If your lettering is going outside it’s a good idea to make your plywood lettering out of a more expensive, better quality ply board something like Birch plywood is perfect.

Marine plywood is also a good choice for exterior lettering.

plywood letters
Plywood letters

These plywood characters are actually 3D/ built up’s. Made from plywood this lettering is 100mm thick. If we can make plywood lettering like this any plywood project you have in mind should be a snap.

Complete plywood signs we can make your panels too

If your project demands quality plywood machined into intricate shapes or perhaps you would like to V carve your plywood sign panels we’ve got the machinery you need.

Traditional hanging sign panels

Whatever shape you need for your hanging signs we can machine quality plywood so it’s perfect for your design. Plywood is a much better choice for this type of timber-based sign panel it’s less prone to water penetration and it’s a stronger construction than MDF.

Heritage shop signage

If you are working on a building in a conservation area or a listed building you may need to make your signage in “traditional methods”. Planning officers in heritage areas always prefer traditional wooden signs which are paint finished.

If your planning officer has required you to have traditional wooden signage there is no need to worry. Traditional wooden signs don’t have to cost more than modern alternatives. Working with you we will be able to plan out an affordable plywood sign system which ticks all the boxes for you and the planners. Simply map out your design and send us the details we’ll manufacture from your designs and send you a ready to paint kit.

We offer 3D routing as well as perfect for handsome looking plywood signs

Plywood sign panels give you the material depth to really explore 3D routing finishes.

Our CNC routing service allows for the cost-effective carving of lettering, flourishes, pinstripes and so much more.

If you would like 3D effect carved lettering ready for you to guild or paint we have the facilities to turn your ideas into reality.

We can provide a full 3D visualisation service so you can see an accurate simulation of the finished workpiece before we even start routing.

Other items we can make for you out of plywood

Plywood lettering is simply the most “sign specific” product we make. As mentioned already we can and do make all kinds of plywood sign panels and out all sorts of 2 and 3d carving.

On top of this we do lots of work in plywood for people who aren’t looking for signs:

  • Plywood inserts and parts for boat building
  • Plywood supports and stiffeners for fibreglassing and moulding
  • Plywood components for furniture & structures
  • Plywood panels and screens.

If you need accurate parts cut out of plywood for sign work or anything else the equipment and know-how are here ready for you to tap straight into.

Have you looked at our wood effect aluminium composite material?

From straight forward flat plywood lettering through to complex 3D carving we’ve got everything you need to get the job done.