Red LED modules

Rich, intense red LED modules

closeup of red led moduleRed LED modules deliver strong, bright, even illumination. Traditionally, red light has been a colour which LED’s have struggled to deliver. With new generation LED modules red light is now easy to implement into your projects.

Red LED modules give you a rich, intense red light which is a match for red neon performance.

To get the best out of your red LED lighting project you will usually have to allow for slightly more modules than you for other colours. Red is a more challenging light to get right so more modules are a good idea.

What are the specifications for these red LED modules?

These red LED modules are our standard exterior grade product consisting of linked 3 diode module blocks resin sealed to an IP68 rating.

Being sealed to IP 68 means that these red LED modules offer you the prospect maintenance-free installations. If you chose to use interior rated LED modules you must ensure that the modules are carefully sealed into your sign enclosure. This process normally involves the use of clear Perspex covers. Without careful sealing water will penetrate into your enclosure shorting out your unsealed LED modules.

By using our red waterproof LED modules you can in effect run these lights in their naked state without seals or covers. This waterproof rating gives you the confidence to place LED’s in areas where they will get exposed to water. It also means you save time and money by eliminating the need for covers and seals.

Large red LED modules

These are the three diode resin sealed blocks. Large red LED modules are sold in trays of 30 blocks. Each individual block is linked in series with factory fitted cabling. Only the start and end of the 30 block tray have loose positive and negative cable connections.

If you need to rearrange the 30 block tray arrangement you simply trim block runs to suit your enclosure. It’s all quite straight forward and we are only working on 12v DC, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous shocks.

red led module data
Red LED module data

Mini red LED modules

As well as the large red LED modules we also supply a smaller mini version. The mini red LED’s are linked in the same 30 block arrangement but feature only two diodes per block. The casing of these mini red LED’s is slightly different in that the whole LED block is encased in a clear, soft-touch plastic.

You can cut and modify the 30 block layout to suit whatever enclosure you are working within. These mini red LED’s allow you to tackle smaller spaces and get lighting where you need it.

mini red led modules
Mini red LED modules

Matched waterproof LED transformers

Blue led module power packSome LED suppliers give you an internally rated set of modules and an internally rated power supply. Other suppliers will supply you with the waterproof modules but still require you to use an internally rated power supply.

If you have an internally rated power supply in your exterior LED system you either need to find a waterproof enclosure large enough for the power supply to sit in, or, waste time mounting the power supply internally and then run cables back to it.

We are able to supply you with a completely waterproof set of modules and power supply. This allows you to mount your power supply in the most convenient location.

Connections to 12v and 240v sides of the power supply are made inside a standard waterproof enclosure.

How to wire your LED installation

Connections between LED blocks should be made by silver soldering. Connector blocks are not waterproof and should not be used.

To regain the waterproof nature of your LED installation it is vital that you cover all soldered connections with heat sheathing and ensure that the sheathing is tightly gripped to all solder joints.

Find out more about led wiring circuit design here

Connection to the transformer the recommended wiring circuit design is parallel, not series. You want to run a feed cable from each letter or enclosure fitted with LED modules. These feeds terminate together onto the 12v side of the power supply. Running a parallel circuit alleviates the build-up of resistance in the circuit preventing dimming.

A full wiring service is available

If you want to buy sign and display products complete with LED lighting we can supply you with a complete “out of the box” solution eliminating the need for you to carry out any wiring.

Tools and accessories are available for DIY LED installation.

Other red LED’s are available

Red LED’s are available in flexible, tape, rope, gel, strip, wall washer, spot, cabinet and edge-lit product ranges.

Red LED modules for exterior signs, a complete waterproof system.